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Reappraising AIDS Conference, Matamoros, Mexico, May 2003
Southern African Development Community (SADC) Meeting on Nutrition and HIV/AIDS, November 2002
          Brief Report of the Meeting
          Nutritional Therapy for the Treatment and Prevention of AIDS
Summary of the International Meeting for the Scientific Reappraisal of AIDS, July 2002
Scientific Data Against the Use of Nevirapine, October 2001
Open Letter to the Mayor of New York City Regarding Anthrax, October 2001
Posted to the South African Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel, June 2000
          Tests for HIV are Highly Inaccurate
          The Origin of the "Transmission" of AIDS
          Circumcision and AIDS in Africa
          Breastfeeding and AIDS in Africa
          Is HIV 69 Years Old?
          "Co-factors" Cause AIDS

          The Causes of AIDS

          The Natural History of AIDS

          Letter to Etienne de Harven on Hans Selye

          Anti-Retrovirals Can Cause AIDS

          An Effective Treatment for AIDS
          An Effective Prevention for AIDS
          Research Trials Suggested During the Panel
Published in Continuum (London), Summer 1999
          Is It Rational To Treat AIDS With Toxic Drugs?
Published Continuum (London), Winter 1998/9
          Everyone Reacts Positive on the ELISA Tests for HIV