AC-262 – The SARM You Need For The Right Push

Increasing AC-262muscle size and bone strength entails quite a bit of work. You need to regularly hit the gym or work out at home and also keep an eye on the food you eat and the supplements you take. However, there are instances when these things are not good enough and you need a bit more to cross the finish line – may be in the form of a drug. But the problem with these drugs (like an anabolic steroid) is that they could cause major side effects, with some of them not being reversible. This is where a non-steroidal compound, like AC-262, comes in.

Though not as potent as an anabolic steroid, AC-262 would help you boost your training efforts and extract more value for the efforts you put and the time you spend in the gym. The best part is that you would not have to deal with the side effects that steroids are usually identified with. In this article, we’ll take a solid look at AC-262 and understand what it’s all about. If you are on the fence, you should be able to make a purchase decision after having read this article.

What is AC-262?

AC-262 is basically a non-steroidal SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator). A SARM is a synthetic ligand that typically functions as a complete agonist on organs, helping create the desired effects on your bones and muscles.

And if you were wondering why AC-262 doesn’t have a proper name, it’s because SARMs haven’t got the necessary approval for use in the medical industry. Therefore, pharmaceutical marketers have not cared about giving these compounds a proper name yet. They are currently being used for scientific reasons only.

AC-262 is also a partial agonist, which means it wouldn’t lead to increased suppression of natural testosterone production in your body. This, however, also means its effects wouldn’t be as prominent as full agonists. But this shouldn’t be much of an issue as you could increase the dose to attain the desired results any time you like.

What is SARM?

SARM is a form of drug with a chemical composition that is quite similar to an anabolic steroid. However, it’s not as effective at increasing muscle or accentuating fat loss like steroids are. And there are reasons why that is the case. SARMs help you move the needle when certain supplements are not doing the trick and you want to do so in a much safer manner. In short, SARM strikes a solid balance between a protein powder or supplement and an anabolic steroid. If you are thinking about steroids but are also quite wary of their side effects, a SARM would be a solid alternative.

You may wonder how SARM is able to achieve the results of an anabolic steroid without causing the side effects of a steroid. This is because SARMs have an affinity for particular tissues in the human body, like the muscle and bone tissues. It really doesn’t want to do anything with your prostate, brain, or liver. Also, SARMs do not break down into molecules that could lead to side effects, such as DHT and estrogen spikes.

Another major characteristic, or the reason why SARM doesn’t cause male pattern baldness, is SARM doesn’t easily convert into DHT by the 5-a reductase enzyme. Besides hair fall, the enzyme is the major reason behind the other side effects anabolic steroids are known for. SARMs are resistant to the aromatase enzyme too. Most importantly, SARMs aren’t as potent as steroids, which means they do not suppress the body’s natural testosterone production mechanism.

Working Mechanism

AC-262 works pretty much like any other SARM. In other words, it communicates with the androgen receptors in your muscles and bones without coming in contact with other tissues. This means, unlike anabolic steroids, it will not shrink your testicles or increase your risks of prostate cancer while helping you develop bigger muscles and stronger bones. The compound manages to do this by directly binding with specific androgen receptors.

According to some independent research studies, AC-262 offers more than 60 percent of the anabolic advantages you would usually get from administering testosterone, with just 27 percent of the androgenic activity. This doesn’t imply that it won’t have any androgenic impact on your body. However, that would be significantly lower compared to the effects anabolic steroids usually bring about. The drug’s androgenic impact also sends the message that you shouldn’t be consuming the drug in large doses for too long.

To understand its androgenic impact, you should compare it to another SARM, RAD-140. While AC-262’s anabolic to androgenic ratio is 2.45:1, RAD-140’s ratio is way higher at 90:1. This doesn’t imply RAD-140 would totally outperform AC-262 in all departments. However, you certainly get an idea about how much you could push up your AC-262 dosage and what you could expect from the different dosages.

A SARM’s androgenic effects matter because they ascertain to what extent the SARM could be a viable drug for medical treatments. If the ratio is favorable, the drug could come in quite handy with treating conditions such as osteoporosis, and any other health condition that causes bone and/or muscle wastage.


AC-262’s benefits are still being researched. However, the following are the benefits that have been established by previous studies and other pieces of evidence. By the time the current research studies conclude, a few more benefits may come to light. The following benefits are all based on research activity carried out on rats and anecdotal pieces of evidence shared by existing users of the drug.

• Leads to increased muscle mass. The drug can significantly boost pelvic muscle size by enhancing anabolic parameters. This renders it comparable to testosterone but doesn’t present you the side effects the latter dishes out.
• Could help treat Alzheimer’s Disease. Since the drug can potentially increase androgen receptor levels, it could be effective at staving off Alzheimer’s and similar diseases. The drug can also help boost spatial memory control.
• May help mitigate prostate cancer. Thanks to the antagonizing effect it has on DHT (dihydrotestosterone), AC-262 can possibly decrease prostate cancer risks. This is a key benefit since DHT – according to many studies – has been historically connected to prostate cancer development, thanks to the increased cell growth within the prostate area.
• Reduces luteinizing hormone (LH) levels. Although LH facilitates natural testosterone production, the hormone could provide the breeding ground for specific diseases that thrive when LH levels are high. Despite the decreased LH levels, there is no major dip in AC-262’s potency or strength.

Side Effects

AC-262 is not different from other SARMs and it, therefore, is guilty of the same side effects that other SARMs are. However, since it’s a SARM, the negative effects are minimal and, most importantly, reversible. Also, if you dose on AC-262 in the right quantities and for the right time periods, you are almost certain to not experience any real side effects from using it. A drop in testosterone levels and fatigue or feeling of exhaustion is usually the side effects linked with AC-262.

You can be absolutely certain of not encountering debilitating side effects such as prostate enlargement, testicle shrinkage, or even gynecomastia when on AC-262. Steroids may also cause increased aggression, decreased sperm count, oily skin and hair, male-pattern baldness, liver disease, and heart dysfunction. Another major drawback attached to steroids is psychological and biological addiction.

AC-262, like any other SARM, has been designed to emulate the effects of steroids by ensuring that only the androgen receptors found in the bone and muscle cells are stimulated and that other cells are not being touched in the process. This also means the entire endocrine system is not being pulled into action.

Dosage, Stacking, and PCT

There is not much information on AC-262 dosage levels. However, it would be safe to ingest anywhere between 10 to 30mg of the drug every day. AC-262 is usually available in the capsule or powder form. Your actual dosage could vary accordingly.

For improved results, it’s recommended you stack AC-262 with Andarine or Ligandrol. A post-cycle therapy (PCT) is imperative after any SARM cycle. When you follow your AC-262 cycle with PCT, you will be able to keep your muscle mass gained during the cycle and burn fat, besides boosting your energy and mood levels.

Cycling SARM is important because it helps with balancing your hormones, helping you not get too dependent on the SARM. The total PCT period should be in line with the time you were on AC-262. For example, if you did AC-262, 356 for a 12-week period, then your PCT must be 12 weeks long too so that you give your body enough time to reach its hormonal equilibrium state again.

While a PCT is not mandatory while doing AC-262, 536 or any other SARM, a PCT for at least four weeks would ensure you are on the safer side of things.

Buy AC-262

If you’re buying the drug for research purposes, then it’s legal to buy AC-262. However, if it’s for personal consumption, then you may not legally administer the drug. However, the legality also depends on the state and country you are in. If you’re in America, find out what the state laws pertaining to the drug are.

As far as buying the drug goes, you can buy it online. Look for websites that sell SARMs exclusively so that you could get the best AC-262 for the money. Not to mention, these sites also put up 536 for sale every now and then. If you are looking to save some money buying the compound, consider buying AC-262 when there is 356 for sale.

As far as price goes, you could buy a bottle of AC-262 for anywhere between $30 and $60 based on your location or the site you purchase it from.


There is no doubt that AC-262 adds significant value to your training sessions and results. Compared to anabolic steroids and other SARMs, AC-262’s potency is maybe on the weaker side. But then you are also not getting bogged down by the side effects that are usually linked with anabolic steroids or the more potent non-steroidal compounds. Its benefits are pretty similar to testosterone, but without the side effects usually identified with testosterone. Therefore, if you were holding out on testosterone drugs due to their negative effects, AC-262 would be a solid alternative. Long story short, AC-262 does the work, but it isn’t very sloppy or the results do not come in with loads of collateral damage tagging along like it usually is the case with anabolic steroids.