Andarine S4 For Sale Review

So ANDALEANyou have been working out to gain a perfect body shape and optimal health. You also want to rev up your gym practice and have sufficient sleep but sometimes you feel exhausted. To enhance your gym performance, you don’t always need to go for steroids as they can negatively affect your body. Instead, get a selective androgen receptor modulator Andarine S4 which offers some of the highest androgenic effects. While the function of S4 is likened to that of steroids, it works selectively on androgenic receptors. This means it increases the mass of lean muscle without adverse effects. It is important that your body retains energy for longer hours so you feel strong even as you burn fat. Find out more in this Andarine review.

What Exactly is Andarine?

Andarine S4 is a type of selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that is known to be more powerful than other SARMs. Originally,  was manufactured during a clinical trial aimed at treating senile or muscle-wasting illnesses such as osteoporosis, dystrophy and benign prostatic hyperplasia/BPH/enlargement of prostrate. The pharmaceutical company behind its development (GTx) produced S4 hoped that it would treat the above named conditions without the adverse effects that are common with similar drugs such as finasteride. While Andarine is not the strongest SARM, it may have positive effects on the prevention of senile, bone density, and muscle strength. It also eliminates the many side effects that typical steroids pose. As such, it is widely used by weightlifters and aspiring athletes who want to achieve their goals faster. Note that it is yet to be prescribed by doctors, but you can buy Andarine S4 from reputable suppliers.

How It Works

Unlike common steroids, S4 selectively binds to androgen receptors, working on the bone and muscle rather than sex organs. Other artificial steroids indiscriminately bind to all androgen receptors. What sets apart S4 is that it is very specific, only affecting the receptors in bones and skeletal muscles. In muscle wasting, Andarine helps to boost lean muscle mass. Other remarkable benefits of Andarine action include boosting stamina and lipolysis. It triggers gene expression and boosts the synthesis of protein and anabolism. When it comes to the androgenic effects of S4, its potential is a third of testosterone, fast-acting in its half-life of 4 hours. But it doesn’t convert to estrogen or dihydrotestosterone (DHT) as testosterone does. This is because it has been designed to block DHT from binding to prostate receptors. When administered at the right dosage, it has the potential to reduce prostate size.

Reasons You Should buy SARM S4

If you are aspiring to harden your muscles, looking for S4 Andarine for sale is one of the best decisions you can make. According to research, the drug is considered a safer substitute for anabolic steroids in treating osteoporosis, muscle wasting, and BPH. S4 can increase bone density with no androgenic side effects, making it an ideal treatment for osteoporosis in post-menopausal women without risking masculinity or virilization. Here is a detailed list of the top S4 Andarine benefits.


One inherent ability of S4 is giving the body pumps that last all day long. But these are not the painful pumps that anabolic steroids present. Instead, S4 gives pumps combined with vascularity to improve your physique. That is why S4 SARM for sale has become a popular compound for general fitness as it makes you stronger, look leaner, and increases your strength.

Muscle hardening

During the cutting cycle, Andarine will dry the muscles out, making them look harder and vascular. On your first time to buy S4 SARM, expect dramatic effects within a fortnight. Luckily, you will not experience muscle cramps or dry joints like what some steroids cause. This means you don’t need to use a multitude of supplements to continue lifting weights.

Lean muscle gain

Many testosterone-based SARMs help you to gain muscle while allowing reasonable water retention. On the other hand, SARM S4 for sale is geared towards the development of lean muscle when you eat in a calorie surplus. You can maintain the muscle gain even when you are off cycle.

Weight loss

One of the misconceptions regarding the intake of Andarine is that hardened muscles make the body look leaner. The truth is S4 is a strong androgen receptor agonist that increases fat oxidation. The fat loss may not be as eminent as you would expect with other fat-burning pills. But Andarine is a safer solution if you are looking to shed a few pounds if your body fat is below 15%. The bioavailability of Andarine is higher than that of conventional SARMs. So, smaller doses of this drug are sufficient to give you significant body transformations. Furthermore, Andarine does not reach the stage of aromatization where testosterone is converted to estrogen. This prevents major estrogenic impacts such as gynecomastia, hair loss, and water retention. It only increases the level of testosterone hence more energy, strength, and stamina. An increase in metabolic activity enhances weight loss.


This is one of the main reasons many fitness enthusiasts are looking for Andarine S4 for sale. Even with little caloric consumption, users have shown significant gains in muscle mass and strength. In a short period of time, it is possible to increase your gym training without being exhausted. The fat oxidation effects of S4 reduce fat accumulation that results from lipoprotein lipase activity. As such, the body can maintain decent weight by converting stored fats into tissues. This is the kind of bulking any bodybuilder or athlete desires. You might want to stack Adarine with other SARMs to boost synergy.


Andarine has been shown to be effective in body recomp- the process of cutting fat and increasing muscle mass. This means you can shed pounds of fat and gain muscles simultaneously i.e. change from fat to lean while gaining or maintaining muscle. It is more effective when combined with Ostarine and Cardarine for 8 weeks. Watch excess fat melting without losing a muscle. During aggressive cutting, the body tends to breakdown the muscles for energy production. Andarine comes in to protect those muscle tissues to a great extent. That way, you get to keep your hard-earned lean muscle while burning fat.

Andarine Dosage

The amount of S4 to take depends on how your body responds to it. For starters, 25mg per day is considered ideal. Then you can increase to 50mg per day in the subsequent weeks. If your body doesn’t react in any negative way, bump up the dose to 75mg until you complete the cycle. Women should start with 15mg to 25mg and raise it slightly to 25mg. You can only use a stack if you successfully run the SARMs cycles several times. Never incorporate multiple compounds during the first cycle. If you are aiming at cutting weight, 25mg-50mg of S4 combined with 20mg of Cardarine per day is perfect for boosting endurance and fat burning. When bulking, combine 20mg-25mg of S4 upped to 50mg with 10mg of Anabolicum per day for 8 weeks. Want to push harder during your workouts? Boost strength with 50mg of Andarine and 10mg of Ligandrol every day.

Andarine S4 Cycles

The best Andarine S4 cycle lasts up to 8 weeks, regardless of the dosage. At the end of the first cycle, you should be able to see positive results including a muscular figure. The reason it should last no more than 8 weeks is to minimize the negative effects e.g. increased fatigue, blurry vision, headaches, and low testosterone levels. When you start with 25mg per day, you will be able to evaluate the impact and if all goes well; all the bad symptoms should be non-existent.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Andarine?

Part of this SARM S4 review is to enlighten you to be a responsible consumer. Like any other drug on the market, you should be aware of the worrisome side effects. The most talked about is the vision side effect. Andarine may cause temporary loss of peripheral vision at night. The condition is however reversible. This should not be a problem because of your normal eyesight will resume when you cut the cycle. The side effect is dependent on the dose. Some people exhibit a yellow tinge which occurs when S4 binds to ocular receptors, and this might be a hindrance when you are driving at night. Other users report difficulties in adjusting their sight when shifting from a dark area to a well-lit room. Blurry vision is more likely to occur to those taking 40-75mg of S4 per day. This is because the drug affects the rods and cones in the eye. Take a low dosage to avoid this, and if you notice changes in your eyesight, consider discontinuing the drug. Still, you could get some side effects after reducing the dose in which case you should try another alternative. Keep in mind that the effects don’t last long. They stop as soon as you discontinue your intake. Overdosing can lead to depression so before you go out to hunt S4 Andarine for sale, keep in mind the recommended daily dose of 25mg to 35mg.

Can You Stack Andarine With Steroids?

Fitness enthusiasts often underappreciate the use of Andarine in conjunction with anabolic steroids. As mentioned earlier, S4 does a great job of blocking DHT and prevents it from binding to the androgenic receptors in the prostate. An increase in steroids can have unwelcome symptoms like hair loss and enlarged prostrate. By stacking Andarine with steroids, you can offset these negative signs. In addition, S4 offers the advantage of muscle gain and fat loss. So, if you are on any kind of testosterone-like steroid, it would be a good idea to check out Andarine for sale. A good example of a stack is 25mg of S4 per day and 500mg of Testosterone Cypionate per week.

Is S4 Andarine legalized?

In the world of professional sports, Andarine is yet to be legalized. Nonetheless, it is used by athletes to enhance performance since it is approved for human consumption. So, S4 Andarine for sale is solely for research purposes and that is how fitness enthusiasts obtain it. Buying S4 Andarine for anything other than research purposes is considered illegal by WADA.

Final Word

Whether you are an avid steroid user or have just started using them to improve your physique, Andarine would be a great addition to your fitness regime. Use it to replace toxic steroids and you are sure to get almost the same outcomes without risking your body. You can stack it with other SARMs and will be good for your sexual stamina.