Did Anthony Joshua Use Steroids?

11 Apr

Anthony Joshua is a British boxing champion with an undefeated record. He only started boxing at age 18, and by the age of 21, he had won three national championships and earned a spot on Great Britain’s Olympic team.

In 2012, he fought for the gold in the super heavyweight division and won his first Olympic Gold medal in London at the Olympics. Afterward, Joshua was named “Athlete of the Year” with over 60% vote. That same year, he turned professional and hasn’t lost since despite taking on some tough opponents such as Dillian Whyte, who is undefeated but has been knocked down twice during their match-up.

Is Joshua using performance-enhancing drugs? If so, what steroids was he taking to get so big and strong?

Anthony Joshua is around 6 foot 6 inches or 196 cm tall. Before turning pro at age 21, Joshua weighed about 210 pounds or 95 kg. However, he has bulked up considerably to over 250 pounds (113 kg). This would be an incredible feat if it weren’t for the help of performance-enhancing drugs like steroids.

Anthony Joshua looks like this without using steroids is simple; it’s all bodybuilding supplements. He works out six days per week, training with three running sessions, weightlifting sessions, and boxing workouts each day to build muscle quickly. Speed and power are significant assets for a boxer, but you also need size. Joshua’s muscles have been toned and shaped with the help of a personal trainer who has helped him focus on functional training movements like squats, deadlifts, and presses that will make him more powerful in the ring.

Steroids can give you these same benefits without all of the hard work. They allow boxers to retain more nitrogen in their muscles which helps them build more muscle mass and recover faster from injuries. Additionally, steroids help increase aggression and competitiveness, necessary for a successful boxer.

While it is impossible to know whether or not Anthony Joshua is using steroids, it seems likely that he is. His transformation from an average-sized man into a power-packed machine is too good to be true, and it makes it hard for people to believe that he’s not using something.

Joshua said, “I’ve always thought of steroids as a shortcut, and I don’t like shortcuts.” That statement doesn’t exactly tell us anything about whether or not he is taking them, though. Not only that but the British Boxing Board of Control reportedly visited him in January 2016 with drug testing kits. It would be shocking if they went there to check up on his supplements!

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