Arimistane Supplements: Dosage, Mechanism, And Why It Is Good For You

Thinking of taking Arimistane? This helpful article will give would-be users an insight as to the drug’s benefits and why it is a great choice for athletes looking to build muscle, gain strength, and improve their stamina.

An Introduction to Arimistane

Arimistane is a sought-after prohormone categorized as an aromatase inhibitor, a class of medication prescribed to postmenopausal women with breast cancer and other ailments. Now popular for its off-label uses, this powerful aromatase inhibitor is the go-to drug for those who want to build muscle and strength. It is also known for promoting better endurance as well as improving a person’s libido. Like other drugs in this class, Arimistane supplements catalyze estrogen synthesis while helping boost testosterone levels. This combination can also help in the removal of fat deposits and tissues.

Due to its benefits, both professional and amateur athletes now look for Arimistane for sale. What makes it more popular than other drugs though?

Arimistane Review: Why is it so Popular?

Many pro and amateur athletes buy Arimistane not only because of its benefits but because it is a prohormone. Unlike steroids, prohormones encourage the natural production of testosterone in the body, making it one of the safest ways to increase testosterone levels.

A higher testosterone level occurs when the drug reaches a liver enzyme responsible for testosterone production. When this happens, the person who takes the drug will be able to have more muscle mass and increase his or her strength. Athletes love Arimistane Standalone because it improves their overall performance and keeps them from experiencing undue stress. Aside from these benefits, having extra testosterone in the body also increases the production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that makes the effects of testosterone more potent. DHT also helps in increasing testosterone production.

This means that the drug works in three different levels — through the liver enzyme that produces natural testosterone, through the increase of DHT that produces more of the hormone, and the improvement of the hormone’s potency due to the presence of more DHT. It is the science of it all that makes Arimistane popular, making it the logical and most beneficial choice.

Taking the best Arimistane supplement out there can also have a positive impact on cortisol levels. Cortisol, when overproduced, can cause stress and can even suppress the immune system. While this stress response is self-limiting, high cortisol levels can still happen when stressors are always present.

According to the Mayo Clinic, an increased production of cortisol causes the body to constantly feel like it is under attack, paving the way for anxiety, depression, weight gain, digestive problems, headaches, sleep problems, and heart disease. High cortisol levels, based on several studies, can also cause allergic reactions and inflammation.

With cortisol an ever-present threat to athletes due to its appearance after a heavy workout, it is important to have more testosterone to cushion the cortisol hike. Arimistane being a good cortisol inhibitor is an added benefit that contributed to the drug’s success and popularity. Athletes looking to increase their training time can count on the drug to ensure that they do not get too much cortisol in their systems after a heavy workout. Its cortisol inhibiting property also helps protect muscle mass since the constant presence of cortisol can also have a negative impact on muscle cells.

5 Benefits of Arimistane

The best Androsta-3 5-diene-7 17-dione Arimistane has the following benefits:

1. Increased Testosterone Levels

Due to its capability to block and eventually control estrogen production, Arimistane encourages the natural production of testosterone. To understand its benefits, it is imperative to define what testosterone is and its role in the human body. This hormone plays an important part in producing the physical characteristics seen in adult males. This includes the growth of their muscles, their body hair, and their height. In both men and women, the presence of testosterone ensures that bones and muscles are strong. For athletes who always put their muscles and bones through a lot of training, higher levels of testosterone is often needed. Increasing testosterone production, therefore, can help in building muscle mass while ensuring that the original mass is protected.

2. Increased DHT Levels

The presence of free testosterone in the body encourages Dihydrotestosterone production. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is produced from testosterone’s chemical reaction with 5-α-reductase.Once this hormone is made, it can make testosterone more effective. While there is a lot of mention of DHT online, the science behind its importance for athletic performance is rarely discussed.

DHT is just as interesting as testosterone because it is deemed as one of the body’s most powerful steroids. It all starts in its role in the brain and the central nervous system. According to studies, DHT has a more pronounced effect on the central nervous system than testosterone itself. Because of its interaction with the nervous system and the muscles, it helps athletes adapt to their daily training regimen with ease. This, on its own, is a wonderful addition to the benefits of Arimistane because it aids testosterone in keeping muscles strong.

3. Encourages Fat Loss

Arimistane is an effective drug for fat loss and it works well on stubborn fat. Anyone struggling to get rid of fat deposits in common problem areas will find that this supplement is a good alternative to crash diets and other fads. For athletes whose aim is to build mass, this is an added benefit because it gets rid of fat in the muscles.

4. Keeps Cortisol in Check

Cortisol levels go up each time an athlete trains and if this is not kept within the right range, it can have negative effects on physical and mental health. The good news is, Arimistane inhibits cortisol, making it possible for athletes to train as much as they want and need. In many ways, Arimistane is a good weapon to have while training. Having it on the side of an athlete can mean better performance every single time.

5. Mild Yet Effective

The aromatase drug encourages a more natural production of testosterone making it a better alternative to steroids. It is also mild and does not have a lot of bad side effects. Since it is used as treatment for certain ailments, it has been approved by the FDA to be safe for human use. This drug is definitely one of the best in the market because it is not as dangerous as other drugs.

Negative Side Effects

Before you buy Androsta-3 5-diene-7 17-dione or look for Androsta-3 5-diene-7 17-dione for sale, it is imperative to learn about its negative side effects. Being a mild drug, Arimistane side effects are not dangerous. In fact, there is little to no side effect. The only thing that users must be wary about is taking too much of it as it can cause strain on the liver. There are very few negative effects of the drug based on reports from users but they always note that they take moderate doses of the supplement.

Aside from taking note of the strength of the supplement and the right dosage, it is of equal importance to talk to a doctor first. This is just a precautionary measure as it might be contraindicated with other medications or supplements. There are no reports of such cases but a consultation with a physician is still necessary.

Arimistane Dosage

Athletes, especially bodybuilders and weightlifters, take Arimistane to keep their estrogen levels under control. While it is often suggested with other supplements, the drug can be used on its own. By itself, users can take it for up to a month and a half. Dosages can vary, of course, because it always depends on which brand is being used. Strengths vary from one brand to the next. The usual dosage for standalone Arimistane is 100 mg to 200 mg a day.

The supplement is not classified as a base prohormone though that is why many athletes use it with other prohormones too. Doing this will promote better muscle gain as well as increase one’s endurance and strength.

Taking it with other drugs, specifically for post cycle therapy, requires smaller doses, according to experts. When taken with Clomid or Nolvadex, for example, the doses would have to be tapered per week. In the first week, 75 mg per day is a good idea. This is followed by 50 mg the next two weeks and 25 mg in the fourth and fifth weeks.

It is noted that there are no rules when using this supplement in general and that dosages must be based on what the athlete requires. However, it is best to stick to recommended doses to ensure that it does not hurt the liver.

Where To Find Arimistane

Arimistane, being a popular supplement, can be found in a number of online pharmacies. It is available under different brand names, some of which are more popular than others. The supplement is also available in brick and mortar health stores and pharmacies. To ensure that you get the best Arimistane product in the market, you will need to buy it from a shop that you trust.

Why Arimistane is a Wonderful Choice

The testosterone booster and estrogen reducer is among the best prohormones that athletes can find in the market today. While it shares certain qualities with other prohormones, Arimistane has been found to be more potent and also among the safest aromatase supplements out there. In fact, it is so safe that it is used by older men. Scientists say that men produce less testosterone as they age.

Having this drug by their side can be a god send. It does not have any side effects, based on recent findings, as long as the recommended dosage is followed. Experts note that it should not be used for over six weeks because users will need to give their liver a rest for a certain period before using it again. Apart from this, it loses its optimum performance if taken over a period longer than six weeks.

This drug is quite versatile too. As previously mentioned in this article, it can be used on its own as well as included in a stack with other supplements. It is commonly used for post cycle therapy as a standalone drug or with other prohormones.

Its effectiveness in delivering its promises has made Arimistane quite popular. Its mechanism of producing more testosterone naturally has also helped it make it one of the most widely distributed supplements in the world. Another very important reason why it is the go-to drug for athletes is its legal status.