Roberto A. Giraldo

2 Mar

“En Medicina uno no debe prestar atención solamente a la teorización plausible sino a la experiencia junto con la razón. Estoy de acuerdo en que la teorización debe ser probada, siempre y cuando esté basada en hechos y que sistemáticamente … Read More »

Does D Bal Work?

23 Feb

D Bal is one of the many anabolic steroid products in the market today. It has gained considerable appeal among athletes and bodybuilders because it promises to help them achieve their desired results when engaging in strenuous physical activities that … Read More »

The Causes of AIDS

9 Feb

This article was written in June 2000 and posted during the Internet Discussion of the South African Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel 1. A PROPOSAL FOR THE PHISIOLOGICAL PATHOGENESIS OF AIDS Five types of immunological stressor agents can alter the functioning … Read More »