Anabolic Steroids and Cardiovascular Function

When you start using substances of any kind at a gym or if you are considering an attempt to make it as a bodybuilder, you may just be wondering if taking Anabolic Steroids will do any form of damage to your heart. Luckily for you if you are reading this piece right now, we are going to be taking a look at this very topic so we can separate the fact from the fiction. Let us start off right now by saying that there is certainly a link between steroids and the heart, scientist have been unlucky thus far in finding what the exact link between the two is. With that being said, we will now be taking a look at three potential links that connect the two together, those three links are high blood pressure, heart enlargement and even abnormal cholesterol levels. So, the journey will now begin as we first take a look at the link between Anabolic Steroids and high blood pressure.

If you are a novice bodybuilder or a veteran of the bodybuilder scene, you should be aware at this point that there is a link between those muscle making substances and high blood pressure, because the majority of the stuff you will be taking or are taking will definitely lead to an increase in blood pressure. The extra wear and tear from an increased blood pressure from using substances can lead to a lot of serious heart issues, with heart failure, kidney disease and even strokes being the most serious. We should now be moving onto the second potential link in our list today, that link is between Anabolic Steroids and heart enlargement. The debate has been raging on for a long time now to whether using these kind of substances can lead to a person gaining an enlarged heart. Studies have shown that athletic people who train on a regular basis, with or without any additional supplements, have been known to have an enlarged heart.

With that being said, it is truly hard at this point in time to determine for sure whether or not using any supplements will actually lead to an enlarged heart. Also, one thing to remember is that if you are suffering from an enlarged heart, you can one day suffer from heart failure. The final potential link on our list that you are reading about in this piece today is the potential link between these supplements and abnormal cholesterol levels. This is the most common known link between Anabolic Steroids and any kind of heart issue because many studies have shown that steroids of any kind will raise a persons cholesterol, whether they are using the stuff in the right way or not.

If you are using a supplement of any kind and are dealing with abnormally high cholesterol, you may have such future health problems as heart attacks and even other kinds of blockages. To put in mildly folks, there are definitely some links between Anabolic Steroids and heart conditions, so if you feel that you may be at risk for any of these potential issues, seek out medical advice right away.