Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) vs. Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs)

If you are somebody who has just entered the world of anabolic steroids or you are an experienced veteran of the anabolic steroid scene, you should know by now that without a way to prevent unwanted side effects from those anabolic steroids, you may be in some trouble. That is what this piece you are reading here is all about, a look at the two best substances that will keep you from dealing with unwanted side effects of anabolic steroids. At the end of this piece you are reading right now, we will also attempt to determine which substance is better than the other. The substances we will be looking at in this piece are Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs for short) and Aromatose Inhibitors (AIs for short).

Before we begin the battle to see which one of these are better than the other, lets take a quick look at some of the similarities they both actually do share. SERMs and AIs will both help prevent these side effects from taking place, side effects such as weight gain, significant bloating, gynecomastia, decreased libido, irritability and even impotency. Although both of these compounds will battle the side effects just listed and many others as well, they do so in different ways and that is what we are taking a look at next. AIs -stops steroid converting to estrogen. Androgen is a very common anabolic steroid and over time, will convert to estrogen in the body, that is in part with the help of an enzyme known as aromatase. AIs will block this from happening and thus prevent the steroid from converting into estrogen, but at a much slower rate than its counterpart.

SERms is slightly different than the first compound we talked about because this one will bind itself to the estrogen receptor itself instead of the aromatase. SERMs will allow estrogen conversion in the body from anabolic steroid use, but it will block the negative effects of estrogen while allowing the positive to continue on. SERMs also works faster when compared to AIs. Which is a key factor to consider as we move onto the next part in this piece, as we determine which compound is the best of the two. So, it has now all come down to this in the ultimate battle of the compounds, as we conclude this piece to answer the question of questions, which is better….SERMs or AIs?

The answer to this question kind of boils down to which situation or stage that a bodybuilder or even a gym rat is currently at in their process. The true answer to all this is that you are supposed to be using both SERMs and AIs if you are looking for the best result, because you can only get the best result possible by using both of them at the same time. That may have been a screwy answer to the question of which compound is greater, but using both together is the actual answer and if you want to know why, you should start using them for yourselves.