Can You Get Big On Steroids Without Working Out?

Can you get big on steroids without working out? Yes, absolutely. Suppose you want to maintain the ability to continue using them for an extended period, then yes – no doubt about it. However, while this is true, it is not recommended if ” looking huge ” is your goal because nothing will help you achieve that look more than proper weight training exercises paired with a steroid cycle.

Others mentioned that some people work out and still use gear, so let’s explore this topic since it warrants some attention. First off, take me as an example – I’ve worked out my entire life and wasn’t interested in taking any performance-enhancing drugs until I realized that after years of working out, my body was not looking the way I wanted it to look. Through all my lifting, cardio, attention to diet, etc., I never saw muscle accumulation in certain areas of my body which bugged me tremendously. I knew other natural guys and didn’t work out at all but still had big arms, shoulders, or chest. At this point, some may say “lucky them,” but trust me – it’s not luck at all – they are simply using steroids even if they are doing nothing else besides eating food. The good news is, though, these days, using gear has become very easy since countless online stores offer legit pharmaceutical-grade equipment for sale at a very affordable price.

With that being said, I was very excited to start this journey and went ahead and ordered my first batch of gear online. I took the product as instructed and didn’t do anything besides eating food and taking my steroids (no working out at all). Yet, after three months, I started seeing significant results in terms of muscle mass, strength, and definition, especially in certain areas like shoulders, arms, or chest (note: no changes in body weight). Since those steroid cycles were meant for those, who aren’t interested only natural bodybuilders, only now am I starting to workout.