Celebrities on Steroids

Whether you are a part of the bodybuilding universe or just some regular person, there is no doubt that you have seen a lot of movies in your time. With that being said, we all have our favorite actors and actresses that we enjoy watching on the big screen. So, after reading the first two sentences in this piece here, you must be wondering what the connection is between the world of Hollywood and the world of bodybuilding. We shall reveal that answer to you right now because the connection between the two is that some of the folks on the big screen are using steroids and this piece will be looking at some of the folks who do. Now, while there may be no hardcore evidence that anybody we are listing here is actually on steroids, you may just look at their bodies an speculate like we are about to.

Testosterone for SaleThe first actor we will be taking a look at is the actor known as Christian Bale, who is best known for roles in the Batman franchise and a Terminator film. The potential evidence we are looking at with Christian bale is that when you see his body in The Machinist, you can see just how skinny he is by the fact that his rib cage is protruding way beyond his skin. Then, just about a year later in the film batman Begins, Bale is around a hundred pounds heavier and he has a much more muscular like build to him. The next actor on the list we will be looking at today is Jake Gyllenhal, who is best known for roles in The Prince Of Persia and Donnie Darko. The speculation behind the usage of steroids in Gyllenhall is how skinny his body looks in the film Night Crawler, but then how ripped he looked less than a year later in the movie Southpaw.

We are nearing the end of our list of actors who are possibly using steroids, but our job is not done yet and it continues on now. The next actor we are taking a look at here for potential steroid use is Hugh Jackman, best known for his work in the X-Men series and Chappie. Jackman has been known to bounce around with different body types, but when you see how ripped he appears to be in all the X-Men movies, you are led to believe that the British actor may be using some help.

The final actor we are look at in this piece is Charlie Sheen, known for such roles as the Scary Movie series and Major League. Although Sheen has never maintained that ripped look throughout his career, you see just how much his body transformed from his role in Wall Street through Hot Shots, you must believe that that fellow is on something. There are a plethora of those in Hollywood who are on and off steroids of all kind, but this piece was not to criticize them, but to give people a look at some celebrities who may be on the stuff and if they are, you can clearly see how well the steroids were working.