Dry vs. Wet Steroids

There are literally millions of different anabolic steroids out there, stacks out there, cycles out there and other kinds of steroid related goodness out there. In this piece you are reading here today, we will not be looking a the millions of different things about steroids, but just two of those millions of things, those two things are dry steroids versus wet steroids. This piece you are reading here will take a look at the positive and negative of each, how you go about choosing which version is best and even how to find a good balance between the two. So, now that you know exactly what you are getting into as you continue reading, let us now take a look at exactly what a wet steroid is.

To put it in the simplest way possible, a wet steroid is a kind of steroid that will cause water retention within the users body. From a scientific perspective, these kinds of substances aromatize the in the body and then convert it into estrogen. This kind of situation could lead to a loss of definition within the body, but the extra water will actually help the bodies muscles be able to repair themselves. The most common usage of these substances will come when a bodybuilder will want to add mass and strength during a bulking cycle. The most common form of wet steroids are Deca Durabolin and Dianabol, these kinds of substances are often cheaper when compared to other kinds of supplements out there. Now that we have taken a look at the wet version of the stuff, it is now time we move on and look at the so called dry steroids.

A dry steroid is the complete opposite of our wetter friend from earlier because this kind of steroid will actually remove water from the body. When this process is done, it will give the body a more defined look and a more toned appearance as well. The lone downside to using this form of steroid is that with the loss of fluids within the body, people who have used this stuff have suffered more from joint pain and soreness. The most popular form of this substance is known as Winstrol and these kinds of substances are generally higher in price when compared to their wetter friends. Now that we have taken a look at each kind of substance here, let us now take a look into how a user can balance the two so they can attain the maximum benefits from each.

There is not really any amazing trick to balancing them out, but there is a big piece of advice that everybody can take if they wish to use both. That big piece of advice is to take proper dosages of both and if you experience anything negative by using them, tweak out the dosages until everything seems all good and everything is working within your body. As it was stated earlier, there are millions of different combinations of our favorite anabolic substance out there, the two that were shown today are another combo, but a powerful combo that you need to know about.