Hair Loss from Steroids

Whether or not you use steroids, we as men and even women can agree on one thing and that one thing that we can all agree on is that we will all not look very sexy if we go bald. Keep one thing in mind as you read that last sentence again, not everybody looks terrible when bald, but not all of us can actually pull the bald look off. Now, if you are somebody who is looking to build that bodybuilder like body, there is no doubt that you use steroids of some kind. The question you may be wondering right now is this, what kind of connection is there between going bald and using steroids? Luckily for all of you reading this piece right here, we are going to be taking a look at the potential connection between baldness and steroids right now.

The answer to this very important question is that steroids can actually cause hair loss in a person because substances in a particular steroid can help with hair loss in a persons body. The truly terrible thing is that just about all the anabolic steroids on the market today can cause hair loss to whomever is using the substances. This happens because the substances in the steroids will bind themselves to hair follicles and that process will start the hair losses in the men and women out there. After reading all of that, you may be wondering if there is any way that you can escape the potential embarrassment of losing that precious hair of yours. Luckily for you worriers out there, there is only a certain set of people out there who can lose there luscious mane from the usage of steroids.

The group of people who have a far better shot of losing that wonderful mane on their head are the folks who have hereditary loss of hair in their family. So, if your great grandfather, grandfather, father and even brothers are bald or in the process of going bald, you will be in trouble, especially if you are using steroids. If your grandfather, father, great grandfather and brothers all have full heads of the hairy stuff, you are most likely going to be just fine. Back to those who have had generations of hair loss, studies have shown that steroids will actually cause you to lose your mane at a much quicker rate that if you were to just lose it in a generational manner.

This can cause quite a conundrum because you may have to choose between the option to keep your head of hair a little while longer or to take steroids, lose your hair, but gain an awesome looking body. If you go towards the option of building that better looking body, your best bet is to simply grab the closest pair of electric shavers you can find and just shave your way to the world of the bald people, because it is going to happen anyway. There is definitely a connection between hair loss and steroids, the risk and whether or not it is all worth it is simply up to you.