HGH vs. Steroids

There are many interesting questions when it comes to the bodybuilding community, not all of them have been answered yet. This thing you are reading right here will attempt to answer one such question today and that question is quite the big one. That potentially huge question that we intend to answer today is which of the following is better for you, anabolic steroids or human growth hormone. For clarification purposes here as we move on, we will be referring to human growth hormone as HGH from this point out. Now, before we even try to answer the question of which is the better one for you bodybuilders out there, we should first take a quick look into what each of these things do for you.

HGH for SaleWe will be starting off with anabolic steroids, which are all derivatives from testosterone in some shape, way or form. To break it all down in a scientific manner, these substances are created when scientists make some slight molecular changes to testosterone, which gives it new properties and thus, turns them into this great stuff you are reading about. This is why those who are hitting the gym regularly or are even competing in professional sports have such a wide variety of product to be choosing from. What these awesome substances do is to increase the amounts of free testosterone within the body, which then allows for nitrogen retention and the ability for muscles to build new tissues during a workout.

Now that we have taken a look at what exactly anabolic steroids are, let us now take a look at exactly what HGH is for. While HGH is produced just like there counterparts are in a science laboratory, it is no different at all when compared to the HGH that is produced naturally within the body. This substance promotes the stimulation to repair muscle tissue, promote cell regeneration, directing the functions of other hormones and help control overall brain function as well. According to many scientific studies, people who are using HGH and steroids will see the steroids work more effectively inside the body as both are used. Now that we have taken a good look at both anabolic steroids and HGH, it is now time to determine once and for all, which one is better than the other.

There is a truly easy way to determine which one is better for you and the way to determine that is to take a look at your very own preferences when it comes to building that perfect body of yours. That is because substances like anabolic steroids will provide quick results, but you will need to take more over time to continue the impressive look you are inquiring to get. HGH takes a longer amount of time to work within the body, but its results will last longer, which is why some refer to this substance as the fountain of youth. Both of these items are full of simply amazing benefits to whomever decides to use either or both, but it is strictly up to you to determine which one to use and which is overall the best for you to use.