How to Spot Fake Gear

Unless you are getting anabolic steroids provided to you by a pharmacy and then a pharmacist, or via a reputable online retailer, they may be a really good shot that you could be getting fake substances given to you. This could be very frustrating situation for two reasons, because not only does it cost you a lot of money when you have to buy the real steroids over again, but it can do a lot of unnecessary damage to your body as well. Luckily for all of you folks out there reading this today, we are going to give you several ways to spot and just double check your steroids to ensure you are not taking anything that may be incorrect or wrong. So, with all of that being said, let us take an in depth look at the five ways you can help yourself from buying or taking fake steroid products.

The first thing to take a look at is something that just about every substance you take should have on it, an expiration date. When a supplier or online store sends you a container of steroids, you should see if the expiration date is stamped on printed on the box. If it is stamped, that means that the stuff and the date is good, if it is printed on, then the stuff you have purchased is bad and you should not take it at all. This next one we are telling you here is something that you should already know because it applies to just about everything you can ever purchase. That thing is that you should ensure that when you get your steroids, they come sealed, because if they are not sealed, you are either getting previously used or fake product.

The next thing we are going to tell you is something that should be commonplace to anybody who has ever ordered anything online. That is to know what kind of packaging your product comes in, because if the packaging keeps on changing when you make your orders, then you are dealing with a shady dealer at best. The next to last thing we are taking a look at here is much like the packaging we just discussed, but with a slightly different twist. That is to make sure to remember what all of your substances look like, because if they keep on changing as well, you are again getting fake stuff sent to you.

The last thing we are going to take a look at here is something that anybody who purchases anything should know, which is to know your seller. That can be said because if you are going to use steroids and you are going to put your health in somebodies hands, you better know everything you can about the company issuing you the products. Steroids of all kinds can do a plethora of great things for the folks who are using them correctly, but you can get screwed if you get the fake stuff through the mail or through a retailer, so take what we discussed here to heart so that you are getting the best stuff you can possibly get.