Oral vs. Injectable Steroids

The bodybuilding community may have many different opinions, but there is definitely one thing that they could all agree on, that thing that they can all agree on is that without anabolic steroids, the bodies they have would be nowhere near the level they are currently at or will be at in the future. Now, there is something that has widely been disagreed on and disputed about a lot more lately than ever before, that disagreement has to do with whether injectable steroid or oral steroids are better than the other. That is exactly what this piece you are reading about right here will be dealing with, which form of steroid is better than the other. We will be doing this by first breaking down the good and the bad about each form of steroid usage, then we will determine which form is better than the other.

We will first take a look at the benefits and the side effects of oral steroids, which are steroids that come in pill form. The most commonly used oral anabolic steroids are Anavar, Dianabol and even Halotestin, these substances also come in liquid suspension form. These kinds of steroids require daily dosing, where you may have to take each one up to two times a day, depending on the dosage amount. Oral steroids have also caused more damage to the liver when compared to injectable steroids, plus users will also have to deal with a lot more side effects as well. The biggest benefit one can get from using oral steroids is that they will see massive gains in a shorter time span.

Now that we have taken a look at oral steroids, we will now move on and we will now be taking a look at injectable steroids. All injectable steroids are taking via a needle and the majority of the time, the stuff is injected either into a vein or right into the muscle itself. Compared to the pill form of steroids, the needle version will be used less and there will be less doses of the stuff per day. The most popular form of injectable steroids are Trenbolone, Deca Durabolin and even Winstrol. The major benefits of using this form of steroids is that while the gains may come at a slower rate, they will last longer and be of higher quality. Now that you have been given this in depth look at the two kinds of ways to use steroids, it is time to give a judgment and delcare which one of them is the best to use if you are a bodybuilder.

In the end of the day, the winner of this contest is injectable steroids and there are a plethora of reasons why this is true. The reasons that these steroids are the winner is because those who are using them will see fewer side effects, a better libido, a lot less expensive, that its better for the liver, less frequent dosing and a better sense of well being. The steroid usage war is now over and a winner has been declared, now get ready to use that winner and build that perfect body now.