Real Advice for Your First Cycle (and PCT)

There is one thing that happens to every single person out there who has ever used steroids in any shape, way or form before and that thing that happens to every single person is they will be using steroids for the first time. If you are about to use steroids for the first time or if you are planning on using the stuff for the first time, then you are a lucky person today and you should keep reading on. That can be said because this piece here is all about the safest way to use steroids and even how to cycle off of them correctly. So, with all of that being said, let us first take a look at the substance that everybody usually will use first, testosterone.

A lot of first time steroid users will make one simple mistake when taking this stuff for the first time and that mistake is that they take to much to soon. The recommended ten week cycle for testosterone is to use 400mg of the stuff per week for the first five weeks, then 600mg of the stuff per week for the next three weeks and then 800mg of the stuff per week for the final three weeks. One more thing to discuss when using testosterone is that you should also be using an aromatase inhibitor at the same time you are using the stuff. The reason the experts say that you should use this inhibitor with testosterone is due to the fact that it will prevent testosterone from turning into estrogen, which could cause some unnecessary side effects.

Let us now move past the testosterone and move back into steroids and most importantly, what you can expect from your first cycle with the stuff. Anybody who uses steroids should not expect massive gains during their initial cycle, as the average first time user should be gaining no more than ten pounds total. The aromatase inhibitor we discussed earlier can be used alongside steroids as well, which again will be preventing unnecessary side effects from taking place. The final thing we will be taking a look at here is what is commonly known as a post-cycle therapy, which will be referred to simply as PCT from this point forward. The reason a PCT is necessary is actually for a total of two reasons, so lets take a look at both of those reasons right now.

The first reason to take advantage of a PCT is to help your body not only recover from your first cycle, but to ensure no unnecessary side effects take place. The second reason is that a PCT will help you hold onto all of the gains that you get from the first cycle and all following cycles as well. Having a proper PCT completed is just as crucial as going through your cycles properly, so make sure that you go through it all correctly. Steroids can be an amazing help to anybody looking to build that perfect body and if you decide to go that route, you now have the starters guide on how to both begin and safely use the stuff.