Testosterone and Penis Size

One of the most unfortunate side effects of using anabolic steroids is the potential that using them could shrink your penis and possibly testicles as well. While this is certainly true and we will be looking at penis size today, it will not be about penis size and anabolic steroids, but about one’s size and Testosterone. So, before we move on here with this spectacular discussion, let us first warn the ladies out there that this discussion is all about the men, so if you read on, you have also been warned. With that all being said, let us now take a look at the role of Testosterone in puberty, which is something that every young man must experience and go through. This is important because Testosterone is the trigger that starts puberty and its after effects in all the young men out there.

Testosterone for SaleThe size of the penis after puberty begins with start increasing in size starting at age twelve and growth may continue up until the age of twenty one. Studies have also shown that some men will try something like Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, to further increase penis size, but nothing can differentiate the size at all other than plain old genetics. Other studies have also shown that Testosterone can incur growth in the man area, but the growth was barely noticeable and it was also minimal at best. The same study showed that besides Testosterone, the other stuff used in the studies proved dangerous to the testicles and such, making the attempts truly unnecessary for all the men out there who are looking for more size.

The one thing to consider is that as men get older in age, they will see their penis size decrease and those studies have proven to be true, with a possibility of a half of an inch being lost over time. Further studies showed that while Testosterone is good for the men out there, it will do absolutely nothing to increase the size of every mans favorite body part. Since the size of man land is not related to the amount of the stuff you pump inside of your body, you may be wondering just how does it get bigger then when using some forms of anabolic steroids. This has happened because certain anabolic steroids cause the vessels in the body to work more, which will then in turn, cause the size of your package to increase as a result.

So, while there are substances on there than can cause some growth in a dudes package, Testosterone is definitely one of the substances that do not. The most common way to increase the size of the man parts is to use something like Viagra, which will provide temporary, but not permanent growth to that portion of the body. Every man out there, bodybuilder or just your average human being, always has concerns about the size of their junk and now that you know about the myth surrounding the stuff we just talked about, we can all move on now and think about the next enlargement opportunity that is sure to present itself in the future.