The Dangers of Steroids and Alcohol

It goes without saying that anabolic steroids are something that is used by just about every bodybuilder in the world right now, but there is something else that some of them should not be using, but still do. That substance they are using, but keep in mind should not, is the substance known as alcohol because it can be very dangerous to drink and use steroids at the very same time. Now, I assume that everybody reading this knows exactly what alcohol is and so there will be no need to go down that road at all. So, with that being said right here, let us first move onto what can happen to the liver when the two substances are used at the very same time. It is well known already that anabolic steroids can cause damage to the liver and it is also well known that drinking alcohol damages the liver.

So, when you happen to mix them together, the obvious thing that is going to happen is that the organ known as the liver is going to be damaged severely. Depending on how badly you decide to use both of the items, that dangerous combination could lead to serious liver damage and even potential death. Now we should be taking a look at another way in which that dangerous mixture can do some damage to your body, but it also has to do with dehydration. If you are somebody who is using dry steroids, well you can guess what that will do to the body, dry it out and cause dehydration.

Now, take the fact that somebody can become dehydrated after hitting the gym and using dry steroids, then decides that drinking a few beers is the best way to go. If you are stupid enough to go that route, the mixture will dehydrate your body way to much and in turn, that will cause damage to your internal organs and muscles as well. Now, let us move away from steroids for a little way and just focus on the alcohol for a moment, which is exactly what we are going to be doing next. On its own, without any steroids taken, alcoholic substances will cause the body to disrupt the many processes it must go through to build the muscles you are trying to develop when you hit the gym.

Just to give you another example really quick, drink some beer while trying to build that body is like eating a box of Twinkies each day, you are just doing unnecessary damage to your body. We are going to be bringing steroids back into the mix here as we come to a close because another thing that can happen when you mix the two together is that it will cause gastrointestinal issues, because mixing them together can cause such issues like ulcers and even esophageal erosion. Look, to put it in a simple way, you can take all the steroids that you want in a safe manner, but never mix them with any form of alcoholic beverage. To close things out, if you are somebody who has a drinking problem, get the proper help you need right away so that you can get clean and healthy.