What Causes Andriol Side Effects?

We all know that whatever substance, supplements or steroids that we decide to take on the route to getting that perfect body, we will all have to deal with some form of side effects. While that sentence that you just read is undoubtedly true, a real think to be thinking about is what exactly causes all of these side effects to happen to the men and women who are taking the stuff. While it is truly impossible to discuss this for every single substance on the market today, we can actually break this down in a single steroid, which is what we will be doing in this writing that you are reading here right now. The anabolic steroid that we will be examining today is known as Andriol, which is one of the most widely used substances in the entire bodybuilding community.

Anadrol for SaleBefore we dive into what causes negative effects to happen in a substance such as Andriol, lets first take a look at the chemical composition of such an amazing substance. This substance is essentially just a modified version of Testosterone, which is one of the most popular substances in both the bodybuilding world, sports world and just the world of the average folks. Essentially, this product has a long ester attached to it that actually floats in water, which helps it survive through the digestive system when it is consumed. What this essentially means is that the supplement will have a long half-life in the body and it is commonly used a lot in Testosterone Replacement Therapy, or TRT for short.

Now that we know what exactly makes up Andriol and just how it works, lets now move on and talk about what causes the side effects to happen to those who use the stuff. As you may recall earlier, Andriol is just another form of Testosterone and when it is taken, it will fill a man’s testicle receptors with enough Testosterone that it will assume your body has enough, which causes the body to end the natural production of the stuff. If a man who is going through this just stops taking the stuff immediately, then the man may experience testicular atrophy, which is a truly serious medical condition that needs to be dealt with instantly. As we are on the way to the journeys end, let us now leave the men on the backburner and lets now focus on the ladies for a little while.

The most commonly associated side effects of using this stuff for the ladies are a deepening of the voice, virilization and the development of other male characteristics. The reason behind all of this is that women do not need as much Testosterone as the men out there, so these side effects will and could occur when a woman takes too much of the stuff and overloads the body with Testosterone. There must be no doubt about it that Andriol is one of the most important substances that a bodybuilder can come across, but with the effects associated with the stuff, it just means that when you decide to actually take it, do so carefully so that the effects are just a thought of the past.