What Is the Best Post Cycle Therapy?

One of the most crucial steps to just about any cycle or stack involving anabolic steroids is a proper post-cycle therapy. A quick note before we advance on here, post-cycle therapy will be referred to as PCT from this point onward. Now, before we discuss the various PCT options you can partake in, we should first take a great look at what a PCT is, for those who are unaware of the whole thing. Those who take anabolic steroids know that their body will be going through changes, plus the depletion of naturally created Testosterone will be happening as well. When it comes to Testosterone, your body will stop producing the stuff on its own after using anabolic steroids for three weeks or more, which most cycles involving the stuff lasts longer than three weeks.

When the cycle ends and your body enters a state of Testosterone deficiency, which means that the body may stop producing Testosterone altogether, which is where PCT comes in handy. The main thing that the PCT will do for those who opt in for it will be this, it will help the body recover from the steroid cycle and also help reproduce the natural Testosterone it lost during the steroid cycles. The best results that somebody can expect from a PCT is that it could stimulate your pituitary gland in a quick manner so that your body can begin a proper recovery. Now that we all have a basic idea to what PCT is and does, let us now take a look into some of the best ways it can be altered and changed for those who are going to be going through it. The first thing we are going to be taking a look at is what happens when a person adds Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and/or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) to the PCT.

The reason that some people will be adding HGH to the PCT is because the HGH will help the user maintain their gains that they got when they were going through their steroid cycle. Keep one thing in mind if you plan on adding HGH to your PCT, which is that if you did not use HGH during your steroid cycle, it will not take affect during your PCT. The only reason that you should be adding HCG to your PCT is if you went through an anabolic steroid cycle that went longer than it should have, otherwise you can keep it out of your PCT.

Now, whether or not you are using HGH, HCT or a SERM, you should only you it as a part of your PCT for about ten days’ worth of time, not any longer than that. Before we continue on here, SERM stands for Selective Estrogen Replacement Module, just to be clear for a moment here. No matter what kind of steroid cycles you have taken or will be taking in the future, having the proper post-therapy cycle will be making all the difference between your body making a proper recovery and staying on track, or your body falling apart and never ever achieving the body that you have been wanting for the longest time.