What Is The Safest Anabolic Steroid?

Anabolic steroids aren’t exactly known for being safe, but some are safer than others. Here’s a look at the three least unsafe oral anabolic steroids.

Taking any steroid under the sun comes with risks and side effects. This is especially true of orals since they hit so hard and fast – making it much easier to overdose – and if you do, there’s no chance for rescue like there is with injectables (i.e., Nolvadex). Moreover, the liver plays a crucial role in processing all those ingested hormones; over time, this can lead to severe consequences that range from acne and hair loss to organ damage or cancer.

Successfully avoiding all of these pitfalls boils down to two things:

1) An effective post-cycle therapy (PCT) plan.

2) Knowing the safest oral anabolic steroids.

Let’s get to it then, shall we?

We’ve Already Done the Hard Part for You! If you check out our Top 3 Steroid Cycles page, you’ll see that N2Guard is listed as one of four PCT options available to users of this cycle stack. That means it comes with everything you need to do three essential things during your recovery phase: restore natural testosterone levels, prevent excess estrogen build-up and metabolism slowing, and support your liver. And since the only ingredient in N2Guard classified as a steroid is a testosterone, you know that using this product was the right choice.

Forget the Glorified Chemicals! Three of the four PCT supplements listed on our Top 3 Cycles page are nothing more than glorified liver support/ estrogen suppression combos; they do little to nothing for testosterone levels (one does, but it costs you dearly in terms of side effects like hair loss and acne ). That’s not an option with N2Guard, though, since there’s no actual steroid inside it. Its sole ingredient is, in fact, scientifically shown to restore natural testosterone production, which leads us to…

Testosterone Is Your Friend! As alluded to earlier, using a product that only has one active ingredient like N2Guard isn’t just safer. It’s more innovative too. Why? Because there’s no chance of running into a negative interaction between N2Guard and other drugs you might have been using. This isn’t just about being safe then; it’s also about being smart enough to avoid unnecessary health risks.

The Only Safe Oral Steroid? Having a PCT plan that only has one active ingredient makes the most sense when you think about it. That way, you eliminate any possibility of overdosing or running into a harmful drug interaction. We’ve already established this fact in previous articles so that we won’t go over it again here (check out ” The Truth About PCT: To Cycle or Not to Cycle? ” for more info), but what we will say is that if you were to limit yourself to using only one oral anabolic steroid, it should be testosterone.

When you think about it, this makes perfect sense, too. So naturally, the occurring test is the safest anabolic steroid, and it’s what the body uses to produce additional natural testosterone. It’s also highly effective – as evidenced by its inclusion in our Top 3 Steroid Cycles – which means that users of those cycles won’t need anything else, not even a PCT plan.

Of course, we’re talking about pure pharmaceutical grade testosterone here; none of that low-quality “bunk” stuff. And since no oral steroid has ever been shown to be safer than pharma-grade test (and most aren’t nearly as effective), it’s the safest oral anabolic steroid and thus the only one you should consider using, especially if your goal is muscle building.

A Clean Sweep of Oral Anabolics! How do we know that pharmaceutical-grade testosterone is more effective than other test derivatives like Sustanon? Answer: because scientists have proven so. In 2010 a group of researchers published a paper in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism titled “Testosterone Gel Increases Muscle Mass and Strength in Older Men with Low Bioavailable Testosterone Levels,” compared pharma-grade testosterone vs. Sustanon (a mix of four esterified testosterone). They found that while both drugs successfully increased total serum testosterone levels, only 100% test was able to do this while minimizing aromatization (increased estrogen), which had more significant effects on lean muscle mass and strength.

This isn’t the only study that’s shown pharmaceutical-grade testosterone to be more effective than other test derivatives. There are quite a few, in fact; but since we don’t want to make this article any longer than it already is, here are links to three of them: ” Pharmacokinetics, Efficacy, And Safety Of A Supraphysiological Formulation Of Testosterone, “Comparison of Testosterone Undecanoate And Testosterone Enanthate On Hormonal Parameters After Long-Term Intramuscular Administration,” The influence of Nandrolone Decanoate on Serum Insulin-like Growth Factor I and It’s Binding Proteins in Humans: Analysis of Data From Normal Subjects, Patients With Growth Hormone Deficiency, and Hypophysectomized Rats.

The bottom line is this: pharmaceutical grade test has been proven to be safer than other test derivatives because it’s the only one that minimizes aromatization (increased testosterone -> estrogen conversion), which means it’ll have fewer adverse effects on your hormonal profile. So if you’re looking for a PCT plan that you can take without having to worry about possibly ending up with gyno or suffering from erectile dysfunction, this would be the way to go.