Why and How Negative Testosterone Side Effects Occur

The one unfortunate thing that can happen to just about anybody who makes the decision to use steroids is that they may have to deal with some unwanted side effects. That is the unescapable truth when using any form of the stuff because no matter how much the world of anabolic steroids has advanced in recent years, side effects have not gone anywhere. While we could sit here all day and take a look at the negative effects that each steroid can possess, it would take way too long to accomplish that goal, so we will focus on just one substance this time around and that substance is simply known as Testosterone. Testosterone is one of the most well-known substances in the entire bodybuilding universe and with very good reason, but they come with a fair share of effects to deal with as well.

Testosterone for SaleThe first thing we should look at has to do with something that may happen before any kind of negative effects take place and that is the possibility of using too much of the stuff. Studies have shown that men who take more than 1070ng/dL is considered way too much and that may lead to you or others who do the same thing to have to deal with some unnecessary problems. Just what are those potential side effects from taking too much of the stuff is something that you may be wondering about and luckily for you, the answer is on the way. The risks you are taking when you decide to take way to much of the stuff is the risk of oily skin, acne, an enlarged prostate, gynecomastia, water retention and testicular atrophy. So, whether or not you think it is a wise move to overdo it with the substance we are talking about here, you now know what you will have to deal with if you do just that.

We should not tell the men to take a little break and go away for a short time, because we are now shifting our attention to the ladies who use Testosterone. Women should only use a maximum of 70ng/dL of the stuff because if they use too much like the men can, they run the risk of having to deal with some issues as well. The side effects that the ladies who are using too much of the stuff is a deepening of the voice, development of facial hair, development of body hair, clitoral enlargement and even male-pattern baldness. So, much like what was said earlier about the men out there, the ladies should not use to much Testosterone, because the risk is not worth it.

Now that we took a look at what negative effects both men and women can deal with when it comes to Testosterone, let us take a quick second to look at something that can help with it all. When you are taking Testosterone, it is wise to use an aromatase inhibitor alongside it because it may help minimize the effects we talked about before. Testosterone is one of the best and most used substances in the world right now, but with the risks involved, you must take it in a safe manner.