Why Is Testosterone Propionate so Popular?

When you take the time to poll a group of bodybuilders to ask them what their favorite substance to use is, I would be willing to be anything that you will be getting a wide variety of answers. I am also willing to believe that the most popular answer to the question would be Testosterone Propionate and that is for good reason. Of all the forms of Testosterone in the world today, the one that is seemingly used by more bodybuilders than any other is the one known as Testosterone Propionate. The list may truly be a long one for this stuff, but here are some of the truly amazing benefits that all who use this amazing item can experience, such benefits as insane muscle gains, faster recovery from fatigue, boosts in strength, boosts in stamina and even usage in a wide variety of cycles.

Testosterone for SaleWhile Testosterone Propionate is the most popular for of the stuff, it can also come in a variety of other forms like Cypionate, Decanoate, Undecanoate, Enanthate and even Phenylpropionate. While there are many different forms of this stuff, they will all feature a variety of different benefits that will be looked at in a future piece. We can definitely write forever and you can read forever about all the amazing ways this stuff will work for you, but it is time to change course now. The course we are going to be changing to involves the dosages that can and should be used for Testosterone Propionate, which is a truly important thing to be focusing on here. If you plan on using this stuff for maintenance purposes, you will want to use 200mg of this stuff per week and that should be divided up into 50mg doses that is taken every other day.

Now, if you are going to be using it for bulking purposes, you can use anywhere from 400mg to 800mg of the stuff per week, which should be divided up appropriately for usage every other day. Now, we should be taking a look at a scenario in which this stuff could lose popularity in the eyes of some folks and that potential scenario is simply known as Testosterone suppression. For those who have no idea what this is, it is essentially something that will happen to the men out there where their bodies will stop producing Testosterone naturally after about three straight weeks of using anabolic steroids.

The best way to combat this situation if it does happen to yourself of somebody you know, is to wait three days after your cycle is complete. Which you should then start taking a SERM, such as Clomid or Nolvadex, which will help repair the body and help it produce everything on its very own like before the cycle started. However, if you are still experiencing problems after completing the post-cycle therapy, you should seek out medical help as quickly as you actually can. Testosterone Propionate is easily one of the most popular substances in the bodybuilding universe right now and now that you have a good idea why yourself, you should join in on the fun and use it yourself as well.