Top Benefits Of STENA 9009

Bodybuilders and weight lifters usually talk about the ultimate supplement. This expression refers to the one product that will give the everything he or she needs to perform at optimum levels with few or no side effects. Among other things, athletes need a supplement that will boost stamina, reduce recovery time, help in cutting cycles and also help in bulking cycles. Most athletes want a supplement that will not come with any risks of organ damage or other serious side effects. Clearly, this is a tall order but the good news is that there is one one product out there that meets all these requirements and more. That product is STENA 9009 also known as STENA-9009. Below are some things you need to know about this product.


Now, let us begin this review by looking at the active ingredients of this wonderful supplement. STENA 9009 is a safe and natural supplement. It is a product of careful research and the aim is to give the user excellent quality without any unwanted side effects. Below are the ingredients of the supplement.


This important mineral is involved in about 300 enzymes in the human body. Magnesium helps your muscles recover faster after exercise and it also improves muscular strength. Magnesium is great for your cardiovascular development and it aids muscle development. In view of the importance of this substance, there is no surprise that each serving of STENA-9009 comes with 375 mg of magnesium as (Magnesium Oxide).

Vitamin C

Most people know that Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. It is an important substance because it promotes rapid healing of wounds, it boosts the immune system and it aids the absorption of iron. Vitamin C also maintains teeth, cartilage and bones. For the athlete or bodybuilder, this vitamin helps protect muscles from damage because of its antioxidant qualities. Each serving of this supplement comes with 80 mg of Vitamin C.

Vitamin B3

Each serving of STENA 9009 comes with 16 mg of Vitamin B3. This is not surprising because this vitamin is essential for the maintenance of healthy body cells. It is also vital for energy metabolism. I addition, this vitamin helps muscle development and weight management. There are properties in this vitamin that speed up muscle recovery after exercise plus the muscle-boosting qualities of Vitamin B3. For all these reasons, the manufacturers of STENA 9009 have included Vitamin B3 as an important ingredient of this supplement.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA)

This is a powerful antioxidant and this substance helps enzymes convert nutrients into energy. It reduces blood sugar, combats inflammation and it also improves nerve function. In addition, there are substances in this antioxidant that suppress appetite, and increase metabolic rate. This is just what you need as a bodybuilder or weightlifter. Apart from these benefits, ALA improves athletic performance, speeds up recovery time and contributes to gains in both strength and muscularity. Each serving of your STENA 9009 comes with an impressive 600 mg of Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA).

L-carnitine L-tartrate

This is a naturally-occurring amino acid and it is involved in converting fats into energy. When you buy STENA 9009, you get the most bioavailable form of l-carnitine. It helps with muscle soreness and it speeds up recovery time. This substance also aids your ability to shed extra fat because it helps mobilize fats for energy production. You get 600 mg of this amino acid in each serving of STENA-9009.


This amino acid is involved in nitric oxide production and it has the following functions. It improves your performance when you exercise, it supports healthy blood flow, and it reduces your blood pressure. Regular use of this substance can help you improve exercise performance and this is why you get 600 mg of this substance with each serving of STENA 9009.

Beetroot (10:1 Extract)

Beetroot is a popular root vegetable and it has many natural nutrients. Among other benefits, it reduces blood pressure and improves the flow of blood. For the athlete, this root is just great because it strengthens muscle contraction and it improves cardiorespiratory endurance. With each serving of STENA 9009, you get 200 mg of beetroot extract.

How STENA 9009 works

We have taken a bit of time to list and describe the ingredients of this product. This is because you should know exactly what you are getting when you buy this supplement. Now, let us look at how the product works and how this supplement can help you. Each bottle of STENA-9009 comes with 120 capsules. This is one month’s supply of the supplement so it follows that you need to pop four pulls per day for maximum benefits.

Benefits of STENA 9009.

Once you start taking these capsules, you will notice the benefits almost immediately. Some of the most obvious benefits include fat loss, increased glucose metabolism and a dramatic improvement in basal metabolic rate. Just take your for tablets 30-45 minutes before each exercise session and the supplement will do the res for you. You will notice an immediate improvement in both stamina and endurance. This helps you to increase your work-out sessions and the result is that you will build bigger muscles in a short time.

Side Effects

This supplement is generally well-tolerated by most users. However, it pays to monitor your body as you take this supplement and look out for any discomfort. The final word is that STENA-9009 is a wonderful product with few side effects and many benefits. Buy this wonderful product and you will understand why it is called “Exercise in a Bottle”.