Cardarine For Sale – The SARM For Losing Fat And Gaining Muscle

Clenbuterol, C-Dine 501516caffeine, ephedrine, aspirin, etc. aren’t the only supplements or drugs that help with burning fat. There are SARMs too that do the trick, without the side effects that usually come with using Clenbuterol. Not to mention, SARMs are a lot more effective than caffeine, aspirin, and ephedrine at increasing strength and endurance – particularly SARM Cardarine. Through this GW1516 review, you would get to know the Cardarine SARM in greater detail, its various benefits, some side effects, the stores you could buy it from, etc.

What is Cardarine?

GW-501516 (Cardarine) is a SARM (selective androgen receptive modulator) that was originally devised to prevent tumors in colon, breast, and prostate tissues. Later, after some research carried out on rodents, it was found that Cardarine could come in handy with more than just tumor prevention. Also called Endurobol, Cardarine has been found to boost recovery and performance in rats, by getting the muscles to increase the use of oxygen. It’s usually used for lowering blood sugar levels and triglycerides when treating metabolic syndrome.

SARMs Cardarine functions by burning fat and preventing the formation of fresh fatty acid chains. This means, when administered, your body would have to resort to its current fat reserves for energy – it cannot make new fat stores. The SARM works to increase your energy production by attaching to PPAR agonists, PPAR agonist receptors, or receptor agonists activated by peroxisome proliferators.

Cardarine Benefits

Cardarine offers increased strength. This means more ability to train faster, harder, and for longer time periods. But it has been touted to offer more than just that. The following are some of the purported claims of the drug.

• Helps retain muscle while promoting fat loss. Cardarine can be quite beneficial for individuals who would like to cut down on their weight without losing any muscle in the process. Generally, some muscle could be lost along with fat during a cutting phase. The fact that Cardarine helps retain as much muscle as it possibly could during the cut-down phase is truly commendable.

• Boosts endurance training performance. During tests carried out on rodents, it was found that the little animals were able to increase their running time by up to 70 percent and covered a lot more distance in the process. Moreover, they were able to increase their muscle endurance as well.

• Increases glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. Cardarine is known for lowering blood sugar. This means your body will not make excess insulin when you’re on Cardarine. This is something that people with high blood sugar would certainly benefit from.

• Lowers bad LDL cholesterol levels in the blood. LDL or low-density lipoproteins cause a cholesterol build-up in your arteries that could result in cardiovascular damage. Besides lowering LDL levels, the drug may also raise your HDL (high-density lipoprotein) numbers or good cholesterol levels. This attribute should come in handy for athletes or bodybuilders when stacking SARMs. It should also help non-athletes who have heart conditions or other health disorders that correspond to high levels of cholesterol.

• Boosts weight loss in the form of fat. Cardarine helps you lose just fat since it instructs your body to tap into its existing fat stores only for energy requirements and not the muscles. This means your body is highly unlikely to break down your muscles when it’s on the lookout for fuel.

• Increases your metabolism so that your body is able to make fuel out of fat at a much faster pace.

• Cardarine has purported anti-inflammatory attributes, which was found when the drug was tested on rats. The anti-inflammatory effect was discernible up to the rat’s DNA. During the test, it was also discovered that diabetic mice healed quickly from their wounds when treated with Cardarine.

• Increases the lifespan of skin cells. With the rat testing as base, it was inferred that Cardarine could help with the quick healing of the skin. It was also found that inflammatory molecule production was prevented right in the body so that there was just no scope for inflammation of any kind. This anti-inflammatory effect may come in quite beneficial for people who are susceptible to inflammation due to their heavy training. It shall also help diabetics who have a hard time getting to heal their wounds.

• Protects the brain by fighting the harmful oxidation that inflammation causes. Cardarine also safeguards brain vessels from stress and oxidative damage, which helps with maintaining the brain’s normal blood flow.

Cardarine Side Effects

Since there isn’t any Cardarine testing done on humans yet, there are no “lab-reported” side effects to mention. However, people who have administered the drug have come across certain issues when they used the drug for too long or in higher doses. Like with any other SARM, administering Cardarine for prolonged time periods could cause fatigue, exhaustion, and even some major instances of testosterone suppression. This is why it’s recommended you follow up your Cardarine dosage cycle with a post-cycle therapy so that your testosterone levels could be restored.

Cardarine Dosage

Though there are no proper dosage levels set yet for Cardarine, you can safely start your cycle with a dose of 10mg per day. Once you are comfortable with the dose and do not experience any untoward effects, you may increase it to up to 20mg after a few months or weeks. Give your body some time to assimilate the drug before you could make a call on the dosage levels.

Cardarine Cycling

Like any other SARM, Cardarines are not meant to be ingested forever or perpetually. You need to take the drug in cycles – the length of which should be determined based on your specific requirements. There are different SARM cycles and you could play with them based on what suits your needs and preferences.

Cardarine cycles, like any other SARM cycle, should have a proper purpose – whether you’re an amateur or have been bodybuilding for years. If it’s going to be your very first GW-501516 cycle and you would like to boost your performance, start with 10mg per day. This cycle should last four weeks only so that you gain the maximum benefits from the drug without treading “side effects” territory.

If it isn’t your first cycle and performance boost is your objective too, then start with a 20mg dose. If you’re using the drug for cutting, the cycle should be anywhere between four to six weeks. During this period, you could administer 20mg doses every day. It’s recommended you split the dose into two 10mg doses.

Cardarine Stack

Cardarine can be a part of stacks too. Stacking basically means taking a couple or more SARMs in a cycle for maximum results. Different SARMs work in great synergy as if you are using only one SARM. Not to mention, stacking could accelerate the cutting, bulking, recouping or healing process based on your goals.

Cardarine can work with any SARM. It could be, for instance, stacked with Ostarine during a cutting cycle for a period of up to six weeks. With Ostarine, your Cardarine dose should start at 10mg – at least in the initial week. You may increase the dose gradually after the first week and finish the cycle at 30mg per day.

You may also triple-stack Cardarine. The common combinations are stacking it with MK 2866 and LGD 4033 (Ligandrol). LGD 4033 comes in quite handy with building strength or when you’ve hit a plateau. It could also be used for breaking down the fat stored in your muscles. Ligandrol also gets you harder and fuller muscles.

Ostarine (MK 2866), on the other hand, helps with gaining lean muscle, muscle recovery, protecting tendons and joints, and increasing bone health. When these three SARMs are combined, you could be pretty certain of increased muscle gains, fat loss, and endurance.

Buy Cardarine

There is no dearth of places you could buy the best Cardarine supplements online. However, there are some online stores that are reputed, and most people who usually buy GW501516 or who are looking for the top GW 501516 supplements online frequent to these stores. These include Science.Bio, SARMS4You, Swiss Chems, and Proven Peptides.

Science.Bio is one of the first names that come to most people’s minds when they are looking to buy GW-501516 or SARMs GW 501516. Science.Bio sells only research-grade, highest-purity SARMs in liquid forms. The Cardarine for sale or other products sold on the site are tested by a third-party facility to confirm their quality.

SARMS4You is another place that sells 100 percent pure SARMs. Based in Europe, this company too carries out independent testing on its offerings before putting GW-501516 for sale. They sell SARM GW 501516 in both capsule and powder forms. However, they don’t sell Cardarine supplement in the liquid form. If budget is a concern when buying GW1516, SARMS4You is a solid choice since their supplements are pretty affordable.

Swiss Chems is another reliable seller that sources the products straight from the manufacturer and puts GW 501516 for sale at wholesale prices. This also means their price range is quite varied. They are also likely to come up with purchase discounts every now and then. For instance, they provide you a 30 percent discount if you make cryptocurrency payments.

Proven Peptides puts GW501516 for sale made in the United States. Like its European counterparts, the company also tests its products independently and makes the test results public before putting GW1516 for sale. If you buy products from them worth $99 or more, your shipping cost is on them, irrespective of your location. There is an option to avail a complete refund on your purchases too if you are not happy with the products.

As aforementioned, Cardarine is also called Endurobol. Therefore, if you come across Endurobol for sale promotions at any of these stores, do not ignore the message assuming it’s some other supplement or drug.


Cardarine hasn’t been tested widely on humans yet. Most of the benefits and other attributes of the drug mentioned above are based on animal studies. Even in those rat trials, the test results were a bit inconsistent. For instance, Cardarine created anti-inflammatory effects in some rats. In a few other mice, the anti-inflammation wasn’t as pronounced. Therefore, if you’re considering administering the drug for its purported benefits, keep these things in mind.

People have used Cardarine in the past with great results. In fact, the majority of people have only had great things to say about the drug. However, the results may not be the same across the board. In fact, results cannot be guaranteed with any supplement or product. But since Cardarine, like most other SARMs, is still in the testing phase, you just need to be a bit more wary. Therefore, buy Cardarine (Cardarine buy) only after having considered the various aspects.