A Clenbuterol Vs. Anavar Comparison

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Raphael Pappo of Searle Laboratories was the first person to synthesize Anavar, and anyone taking this oxandrolone can potentially expect to experience various biological effects. In Anavar vs Clenbuterol trials, the two are often compared to each other, although understanding the effects of each product is important for anyone who is trying to decide to take one or the other. And it often depends on what you are attempting to achieve when you take the synthetic anabolic steroid, and there are noticeably different effects, along with pros and cons, when you consider Anavar vs Clen.

There is a low amount of liver toxicity when taking Anavar, and when it’s compared to other methyl steroids with 17 alpha properties. You can expect the impact to live enzymes to be negligible and barely noticeable if you take a daily 20 milligram dose over a three-month period. One advantage is that there are no other physical problems, as Anavar does not aromatize because it is a DHT derivative. The body’s production of testosterone tends to be lowered naturally when high doses of the steroid are ingested, meaning the likelihood of other problems is also reduced.

Many people with HIV or AIDS have been successfully treated with Anavar, and when first developed, it was widely used to encourage the regrowth of muscles in disorders and diseases that led to significant weight gain or loss. Extreme cases of osteoporosis have also been successfully treated with the steroid. The full effects of the drug were determined with some people taking part in additional testing. and the FDA awarded it the status of orphan drug. Today in the US, this controlled substance is used to improve the health of thousands of people, and it is especially effective in treating the effects of anemia.


The effects of this drug last longer and are more noticeable, something that has to be considered if carrying out a Clenbuterol vs Anavar comparison. Although it’s able to stimulate the body’s central nervous system, Clen tends to improve the body’s ability for aerobic capacity at the same time. And because oxygen is transported through the body more efficiently, Clenbuterol is an effective method of controlling blood pressure. Body fat is metabolized at a faster rate too, and there are several forms of Clenbuterol that are routinely prescribed.

However, it’s been banned for use by Olympic athletes and the FDA hasn’t generally approved it as an ingredient for therapeutic drugs. It is used by many people with asthma as an effective inhaler in various countries, and is available through a prescription, or for free. During what is known as their cutting cycle, many bodybuilders use the drug to increase muscle and to get rid of unwanted fat. As Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and various other celebrities have taken to using it, it is likely to become more popular.

Many athletes who take Clenbuterol maintain that they can perform better for a short time, so it’s not surprising that the drug attracts some controversy and criticism. Clen can be detrimental to your overall health, something that clearly has to be considered when looking at a Clen vs Anavar comparison and the pros and cons of each. It is not regulated, and it can be quite dangerous if it is being used for anything other than an inhaler, which to many potential users is a big drawback. Its lack of regulation can also lead to unwanted legal problems concerning its use. However, it definitely has positive effects and to make the most of these, and to avoid any damage to your health, it’s important to be careful when taking the drug.