How Do You Feel On Dianabol?

23 Mar

I get this question a lot, and I’m sure you also do. It’s such an important question that if you plan on taking any form of performance-enhancing drug, then it’s critical to anticipate how your body will feel while using them and while coming off of them. This is the best way to manage side effects which include:

I will not tell you how you “should” feel while on or coming off of Dianabol but rather how some people react to it. As always, consult with your doctor before taking ANY supplements. Before discussing Dianabol, we need to understand what Dbol does regarding increasing your strength and size (if that is your goal). There isn’t one singular mechanism of action that stimulates muscle growth. Instead, in this case, it’s a combination of two different mechanisms working together to produce the ultimate effect that will build muscle.

Dianabol is known for its extremely high anabolic and moderately androgenic properties, so much so that many people use the term “anabolic steroid” to describe Dianabol rather than calling it just a “prohormone.” The anabolic properties are what you want because when they combine with your natural testosterone production (assuming you have enough), you can expect substantial gains in strength and size. Because of these properties, Dianabol is typically stacked with other drugs like Deca-Durabolin or Equipoise, which are also good at promoting joint relief, making them excellent choices for pre-contest. The significant additional benefit of Dbol is the mild androgenic component which makes it a great kick starter but not a dangerous drug when used alone. Quite simply, this means that guys who take Dianabol can expect to gain muscle quickly without much in the way of side effects. These benefits have three different types of people lining up at their local supplement store to purchase Dianabol tablets or liquid:

1) Guys who are already highly lean are looking for a good kick start to get them going through a plateau. In this scenario, they may be taking anywhere from 10mg-50mg/day depending upon how advanced they are and what type of cycle they’re doing (light bulking or cutting). sells liquid Dianabol for this purpose that comes in 1ml dropper bottles.

2) Guys who are already pretty big but want to get even more prominent while still staying lean. In this case, they will take 40mg-80mg/day depending upon their goals and how much muscle mass they’ve already gained. As you can imagine, 80mg/day is a lot of Dbol, so chances are good these guys are also taking other drugs along with it, whether it’s Trenbolone or Testosterone. sells tablets for this purpose that come in 50 tablets per bottle (50mg/tablet).

3) Younger guys just starting who have never touched steroids before but would like to gain muscle mass and strength quickly. In this case, we’re talking about guys who are around 15% body fat or less and can benefit from Dbol’s positive nitrogen balance because if they’re not eating well, then their natural testosterone production will be low and therefore, the gains made while taking Dianabol won’t be as substantial (if you’ve ever seen a skinny teen take steroids, he could gain 30lbs in a month).

We typically see guys stacking something like Deca-Durabolin, Testosterone, and Dianabol to produce maximum size and strength gains in the shortest amount of time. If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to use these types of drugs in that particular stack, here is how some people describe their experiences:

“It feels like I’m taking more of a pre-workout stimulant. My senses are heightened, and my mind is more focused on lifting. As a result, I get more of an alpha male feeling or even more of a sense of aggression (similar to the way you feel after drinking red bull).”

“It feels like I am completely wired and can lift any amount of weight without hindrance. One interesting side note – it gives me extreme diarrhea – but that’s not really what we’re talking about here.”

“I felt like Superman!!!”

So there you have it, the effects people commonly experience when they take Dianabol. Those who took Dbol as teenagers said they had no adverse effects, so perhaps those who say they experienced severe GYNO will share this when their natural testosterone production is high.

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