Kali Muscle Steroids Or Natural?

11 Apr

Kali Muscle is an American bodybuilder, entertainer, and actor. He has been featured in commercials for Honda, Comcast, GEICO, and Taco Bell. He has over 1 million YouTube subscribers and around 2 million Facebook fans. He is an ex-convict who served seven years in San Quentin Prison for armed robbery.

According to some trusted sources, Kali Muscle is worth around $5 million. Most of his wealth has been accumulated through selling his brand of bodybuilding supplements, being a YouTube superstar, and appearing in great commercials. He has also appeared in several movies.

During his workouts, Kali is famous for his calisthenics. Often, he can be seen hanging sideways from a random pole.

Ramen & Tuna

Kali has become famous and attracted hate in equal measure because he claims he doesn’t use steroids and he is a 100% natural bodybuilder. Another famous bodybuilder who claims to be 100% natty is David Laid. David Laid Steroids is a popular Google search query.

When serving at North Kern State Prison, Kali claims that through daily exercising and eating endless amounts of ramen and tuna (around 4,000 calories daily); he was able to achieve extraordinary muscle growth.

He says that he never saw an incarcerated black man using steroids. When he was released, Kali says that he was bigger than most competitive bodybuilders. He claims that he has never taken steroids and he was even not aware of what steroids were until someone mentioned D-Bol during his prison time. He might be telling the truth. He might never have used steroids in prison but started using them later in his life.

When asked by people why he doesn’t use steroids, Kali replies that he didn’t use them in prison and still achieved extraordinary gains than most bodybuilders, therefore, he didn’t see any reason that he should start using them after being released.

He even points out that most competitive bodybuilders stop using steroids before a competition. Thus, this shows that steroids might be a bad thing.

Were ramen and tuna responsible for his muscle growth, or are there some few white lies in Kali’s claims?

Kali’s Muscle Growth through the Years

It is easy to spot a steroid user by observing their pictures to see if there have been some dramatic changes at some time. This is called observing a person’s gains timeline.

Kali’s YouTube transformation video offers some pointers. Between 2009 and 2015, he grew a lot. In 2009, he appeared very muscular but looked natural. That is because he had small traps, no vascularity, and a very small waist.

It is difficult for a steroid user to have small traps. This part of the body has many androgen receptors that will blow up as soon as a person starts using steroids.

8-Year Transformation

Kali’s 8-year transformation can be summarized as follows:

• Kali’s entire body becomes bigger; however, the traps and the shoulders have the greatest gains.

• The waist is more bloated.

• There is a great increase in vascularity.

From the above findings, it is clear that Kali’s transformation is attributable to using steroids. This synthetic appearance can even be observed in his photos dating back to 2015.

Steroids that Kali might have used are:

• Insulin


What Does Insulin Do to the Body?

Insulin enhances vascularity. That is because increased insulin levels make the blood vessels to dilate. This will increase the blood flow and nutrients to the muscles which will boost vascularity.

That is the reason why most bodybuilders consume a sugary snack before a competition. When they consume insulin, the uptake of amino acids increases in the muscles; this raises protein synthesis.


HGH boosts muscle creation and fat loss. However, it isn’t as anabolic as trenbolone, anadrol, dianabol, and other bulking steroids. That is why Kali’s muscle gain in 8 years wasn’t huge.

By adding trenbolone or dianabol to his workout regimen, he would have achieved greater gains. Trenbolone is the most anabolic steroid on earth. It has an anabolic rating that is five times that of testosterone. That is why it is commonly used by competitive bodybuilders. Most of them normally combine trenbolone with dianabol to boost nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. The more nitrogen a bodybuilder can retain, the more muscles they will build.

Insulin is often combined with HGH by bodybuilders because, at higher doses, HGH can lead to insulin resistance. This will make the body to use insulin inefficiently; therefore, nutrients will not be moved to the muscle cells, leading to glucose buildup in a bodybuilder’s bloodstream. Glucose buildup can lead to diabetes.

Insulin resistance can eventually lead to a fat loss plateau. At this point, it will be hard to lose fat no matter how hard a person tries. The anabolic properties of insulin make it to dramatically breakdown fat. When there is insulin resistance, all the healthy eating and exercise will be of little or no use. Doctors believe that the term ‘insulin sensitivity,’ will eventually replace the terms ‘fat loss’ and ‘weight loss.’ Insulin resistance will become a hot topic in the future.

HGH Bloat

In 2007, Kali’s waist was tight and small. Presently, he has a distended belly; a bloated gut because of inside pressure. Most contemporary bodybuilders have this kind of gut, which was not common in the 70s. The 70s produced some of the most aesthetically pleasing and greatest bodybuilders of all time. They include Lou Ferrigno, Frank Zane, and Arnold Schwarzenegger among others. These bodybuilders had the perfect physique because of balancing a tiny waist with huge muscles.

During the 80s, bodybuilders started using insulin and HGH. These made their bodies to grow bigger and also their waistline.

‘HGH gut’ has been observed in most Mr. Olympia champions of the 80s and 90s including Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, Joe Rogan, and Dorian Yates. Dexter Jackson is the only exception. He happens to be one of the smallest Mr. Olympia champions.

An acclaimed cardiologist, Dr. Joel Kahn, was one of the first doctors to point out the prevalence of ‘HGH gut’ in the bodybuilding community. He observed that insulin resistance as a result of using HGH can deteriorate the nerve supply and the structure of abdominal muscles leading to a belly that has a distorted shape.

According to Dr. Kahn, insulin resistance can also damage the nerve cells of the limbs. This can lead to a more atrophied look that can make the stomach to be distended. The reason why Kali has a distended stomach has less to do with his diet or exercise regimen and more to do with the excessive use of HGH.

The combination of insulin and HGH increases muscle size and also the size of internal organs such as intestines, liver, and heart. Pictures of Kali Muscle show that he also has enlarged intestines.

Bodybuilding Shows without Drug Testing

Kali Muscle has featured in several NPC competitions. NPC (national physique committee) shows are for beginners who want to become pros. Some of these bodybuilders might eventually participate in the IFBB, which is for pros.

The NPC website has no information on drug testing. There is no indication that it is a natural competition. Research shows that most of the people who compete in NPC competitions use steroids.

That isn’t reason enough to conclude the Kali used steroids before competing in the NPC. However, if I was that huge and 100% natural, I would like to compete in the strictest competitions such as BNBF to prove to naysayers that I am not using steroids. With federations such as BNBF and INBA, blood tests and urine tests are carried out randomly throughout the year. Bodybuilders also have to pass lie detectors.

With INBA, there is strict compliance with the WADA anti-doping code. Testing happens at approved designated sites and the bodybuilder contributes part of the testing fee. All the major performance enhancement drugs including steroids are tested for. Random drug testing is also constantly done. If an athlete fails any of the tests, they can be banned for a lifetime depending on the quantities of the banned substance that is found in their urine or blood.

High Blood Pressure

A video where Kali Muscle is speaking shows that he gasps for air when talking. This is an indication of high blood pressure. It occurs because the body struggles to increase oxygen levels due to the heart not receiving optimal blood flow.

Scientific evidence by the Endocrine Society shows that considerably higher nighttime and daytime blood pressures were observed in most ongoing steroid abusers. Anabolic steroids can increase the risk of hypertension by elevating blood pressure.

Any reason can lead to high blood pressure. However, because Kali Muscle is speculated of using insulin, it is reasonable to conclude that is the cause of his pressure.

The Bottom-Line

Is Kali Muscle Using Steroids?

There is sufficient evidence to indicate that is the case. Most likely, he is using:

• HGH & Insulin

From the evidence so far, these are the likely drugs Kali is using. It is difficult to understand why a naturally big person should decide to use steroids. There are many examples of why bigger is not always better.

It appears that Kali Muscle is not 100% honest about his steroid use. That should not make people to hate him. Many bodybuilders are not honest about their steroid use.

Also, HGH is not 100% a steroid. Therefore, it can also be concluded that he is “steroid-free.”

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