Everything You Need To Know About LGD-3303

An Introduction to LGD 3303

Welcome to the future of SARMs. LGD-3303 is an orally bio-available drug that is designed to target the androgen receptor. It has great promise for people who want to build muscle mass, but also for people with bone degradation due to osteoporosis. Still in the developmental stage, it is not currently being distributed through commercial channels.

LGD-3303 is being developed by Ligand Pharmaceutical International. Ligand’s focus is on drugs that treat diseases caused by hormone imbalances or deficiencies such as osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and muscle wasting.

They have been working on this SARM since before 2007, and published the data from preclinical studies in the same year.

The drug was, or is, intended to be a very selective androgen receptor in muscle tissue (good for athletes and bodybuilders) while sparing the prostate and other glands. LGD 3303 was engineered this way to create a friendlier osteoporosis treatment.

The good news is, you don’t have to have osteoporosis to see the effects of this drug on muscle growth. In fact, depending on whether you stack it or not, and what you combine it with, any athlete can see huge physical benefits from LGD-3303.

Even better, SARMs are non-steroidal, and in the case of LGD 3033, designed to be so selective that side effects common to traditional steroids are all but eliminated.

Why the Sudden Interest to buy LGD-3303?

This LGD 3303 review will tell you everything you need to know to decide if this selective androgen receptor modulator is something you want to add to your stack in the near future. Let’s start with the science. Because you want proof that it really works, right?

To start with, repeat oral ingestion of the drug was shown to improve femur bone density. Now while this might not mean much to you now, it speaks to how effective it is. Aside from that, pre-clinical studies demonstrated that the drug improved bone strength both in the spine and femur over time.

These studies also showed that it does this by literally creating new bone. Remember, your skeleton is the foundation your skeletal muscle tissue is built on. So yeah, this is a good finding.

However, most athletes wouldn’t be interested in buying LGD-3303 if all it did was increase bone density. 2 years after pre-clinical studies, Ligand Pharmaceutical held Phase I of its clinical trials with the compound.

In this trial, it was found that:

-Oral dosing does in fact increase muscle mass
-Effects are similar to that of the steroid dihydrotestosterone
-Again, vital glands are left virtually untouched
-The drug has positive effects on bone mass density

This is the science of specified gene expression at its best, and we should be seeing more and more of this cell-based technology every year.

What Benefits are Athletes Getting from it?

As with traditional steroidal androgens, the list of benefits for athletes is long.

LGD 3033 can help athletes add muscle mass faster, decrease body fat percentage and generally help with body recomping.

As mentioned earlier, it does this selectively, one of the biggest advantages of SARMs. So you don’t experience negative side effects common to drugs like DecaDurabolin and Dianabol.

Also like these steroidal compounds, LGD-3033 gives the athlete a higher tolerance for intense exercise. You can hit your muscles more frequently because you recover quicker. These are all ways this compound, like traditional steroids, contributes to muscle hypertrophy, without destroying your organs in the process.

Remember that bone mass density increase they found in clinical trials? This is a great benefit of taking a SARM, because it supports your body’s ability to handle added loads as your strength increases, which is another side effect of taking this supplement.

Another study points out that aside from improving lean body composition and enhancing bone density, androgen supplementation can improve libido in women and men. SARMs aim to recreate the positive effects of androgen supplementation without the negative toxic harm that comes with them, so whether a user notices this side effect will probably vary a lot on many factors.

Although it hasn’t been widely tested in the athletic population yet, LGD3303 is reported to impart these benefits without lowering testosterone production or causing damage to sebaceous glands.

Users of the new drug have reported strength and muscle gain with small doses in their first cycle. Many agree that changes were noticeable within a few days of starting their cycle.

Stacking for Greater Effect

For faster results, bodybuilders have been known to stack LGD-3303 with Cardarine, but this is still a fairly new supplement, so there is little anecdotal evidence about how well this compound stacks with other SARMs. It’s clear that on it’s own, it can support massive muscle growth and other physical benefits for someone willing to put the work in.

Potential Negative Side Effects

The potential negative side effects related to using Ligands’ newest SARM compound are minimal. With traditional steroidal androgens, you could experience everything from reduced sex drive, to wild mood swings, to gynecomastia (man boobs.)

The data released from Ligand clinical trials for their new drug suggests that common side effects were:

-Respiratory tract infections

This leads the public to believe that they are accomplishing their intention of creating a selective androgen product that has all the benefits but none of the health-compromising side effects of steroidal androgens.

PCT After LGD 3303

Post cycle therapy, PCT, is typically needed to bring hormone levels back to normal after a cycle of steroid supplementation. Because LGD-3303 is new, user experiences to report are limited.
Overall, most athletes who have tried a cycle report similar results to the older LGD-4033, which is the precursor to the latest Ligand product.

However, we know that selective androgen receptor modulators aren’t supposed to affect the prostate or sebaceous glands, so there should be no need for PCT.

According to the clinical trials Ligand Pharmaceutical conducted, there were no significant effects on these glands.

A study from the Journal of Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics disputes this somewhat, stating that LGD-3303 levels were higher post trial in the prostate.

Still another anecdotal account stated that in fact, he experienced a drop in testosterone near the end of his cycle, and it is a good idea to have a post cycle therapy treatment following the SARM cycle.

At this point in time, everyone who wants to try LGD 3303 will have to do their best research based on available data and try it for themselves.

Where can you Buy LGD-3303?

Although it is relatively new, you can find LGD 3303 for sale in all of the same places you would find other SARMs online. Finding the real product may prove more difficult. Again, this is because it is still new in comparison to similar products.

As with any supplements, start with a trusted resource or referral if you have one. Since this compound is somewhat untested by the bodybuilding community, seek out someone who has tried it and consider their recommendations.

That said, more people are trying it everyday, so be sure to ask around and inquire about personal experiences with the compound.

If your trusted supplement source doesn’t carry this new SARM, look for the best LGD 3303 you can find.

Seek out a company that has publicly available, third party test results, and if you don’t understand the lab reports, call customer service and ask them questions.

Purity is also very important. You want to be sure you are getting what you are paying for, so these results should also be readily available to the public.

Since quality is such an important element when choosing something that is going to have a profound effect on your body, let’s take a closer look at how to choose.

First off, take the steps outlined above to find a trustworthy company with LGD3303 for sale. Then, choose two of those and purchase identical products from them so you can try them both out.

It will be important for you to keep notes on how you feel throughout your cycle on each as this will be the determining factor that decides which product you continue to use in the future.

A sure sign that a product is low quality is that you don’t feel any changes. This compound should produce noticeable changes, so if it isn’t working, move on.

Another sign that you should move on is poor customer service. A company selling a powerful, potentially body transforming product should be available to answer any questions you have, patiently.

How do I Take it?

As with other SARM products, LGD 3303 dosage should be limited to 10-20 mg per dose in the beginning. Less if this feels overwhelming. The key is to start slow and use the minimum effective dose to see results over time. Let your body adjust and go through an entire cycle before increasing the dosage.

You can buy LGD-3303 in solution and pills, but the former seems to be more available at the time of this writing. Either way, this is an orally bioavailable drug that does not need to be injected.

In summary, every LGD review available either hypes the product to sell it on their own website, or has mixed information that can be confusing. When you do your research to decide where to get your first cycle of LGD 3033, be sure that you rely on:

  1. available scientific research
  2. trusted personal referrals
  3. the transparency of the testing lab results for the company’s product.

This product has been showing great promise as an advanced SARM that aggressively enhances the body’s ability to recover from intense exercise, increase bone mass density and improve strength, all while having minimal impact on sebaceous and prostate glands. (The liver is also spared, an organ endangered when using steroidal androgens.)

Although it was developed with the intention of providing treatment for patients with osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and other serious ailments, it has androgenic effects on the body that makes it popular with bodybuilders in particular, but also strength athletes and any athlete that can benefit from additional lean muscle mass and a lower body fat percentage.

Is LGD3303 the SARM of the future? A drug that can help us develop superhuman physical ability without the toxicity, mood swings and hair fallout associated with steroids?

As for superhuman, that may be farther in the future, but this compound shows promise on paper and in clinical trials. The proof though, is in the end user, and so far the word is that LGD-3303 meets or exceeds expectations, so be prepared!