Primobolan Vs Anavar Basics: What You Should Know

For many years now, Primobolan is a steroid that has been on the market; it was initially designed to be used as an oral contraceptive. Primobolan is commonly known as Primosteston; its trade name is injectable Primobolan. On the other hand, Anavar can be defined as an oral steroid used to aid in weight loss in various cases due to its inability to convert to estrogen easily like most steroids. Primobolan vs Anavar can be used for bulking up and cutting up, respectively; however, they vary. This article explains the essential things you should know about the two; read along with me to know more.

What is Primobolan?

Primobolan is also known as methenolone enanthate; this steroid was first sold in 1962; it is also a form of medicine used to treat and control anemia and osteoporosis. However, this drug has become famous among many athletes as it helps them bulk up and cut down due to its mild effects on the human body relative to other steroids.

Primobolan is an injectable drug that one injects on their muscles, or sometimes it is available as a gel that can be applied to the skin. Therefore, this drug is not recommendable for women’s use because it is likely to cause them much damage from its side effects, significantly when misused. A certain percentage of athletes, bodybuilders, and weight lifters love this drug because it enhances their performances and builds up their muscles, structure, and strength without any external side effects like deepened voices and male pattern baldness.

The drug has been confirmed to be helping in post-surgery recovery because it facilitates the development of new cells, reduces blood sugar levels, and gives the user a smooth recovery period. It is an effective drug because it stimulates natural testosterone production, thus leading to fluids loss, same to diuretic medication used majorly for weight loss. In addition, the drug can reduce cholesterol levels in the body, and thus athletes who use it can be confirmed to be free from cardiovascular diseases.

What is Anavar?

Anavar is a common steroid known to be very powerful amongst all the other steroids; this is because under no condition will it convert to estrogen. Therefore, it is the perfect drug any female bodybuilder wants to use. Also, it effectively speeds up recovery after workouts; unlike its counterpart Primobolan, it has been used by many people who want to lose weight as it is the best option for fat loss.

Anavar is an oral steroid that the user has to ingest through the mouth continually, and you cannot find it sold over the counter. It works mainly by restricting the calories in the user’s body without affecting the muscles mass and is thus ideal for athletes who are exclusively interested in losing weight while maintaining their body mass and reducing body fat levels. However, as much as it has the best sides, it has downs that include bloating water retention, and it is not considered suitable for liver conditions.

Anavar vs Primobolan: how they work


For male users, the most positive effects associated with Anavar have reduced body fat and weight loss. On the other hand, women commonly notice changes in their skin after using the drug; they find their skin soft and less oily. It results to lean muscle mass in users; this is common because it can block estrogen from working on the muscles, and it is derived from progesterone, just like testosterone.

In men, the drug increases the length of the period for breaking fatty acids in the bloodstream; therefore, when using this drug, your body stores fewer fats. Suppose you ignore training and taking a good diet. In that case, you still have nothing to worry about because you will still have a higher muscle mass as you easily retain lean muscle tissue and reduce fat storage in the muscles, among other areas in the body that require weight loss.

Anavar also works on hormone levels and is likely to control moods, libido, energy while working out, and bone density.


It works perfectly as it mimics the natural cycles of the body; it is a synthesized hormone identical to testosterone; however, it is weak that it should not trigger virilization tendencies. It gives every anabolic effect people desire, but it negatively affects anyone who takes them orally. It can stimulate the synthesis of proteins while maintaining lean muscle mass. It is an ideal drug to use for an extended cycle. Most users have reported strength gains and extreme water retention.

Which works best when cutting?

Cutting is lean muscle retention and fat loss, and Anavar works best here. You are probably wondering why; here is why Anavar usually works by reducing body fat levels and does not lead to water retention or bloating.

On the other hand, Primobolan is perfect for people who aim at bulking, and Anavar is best for cutting; therefore, your options will entirely be based on your body goals. Anavar is perfect for reducing body fat and helps gain muscles, and anyone can always use it and do away with any worries of excess body weight. Another reason why it is the best option for cutting it is because of its deprivation from testosterone and can quickly increase estrogen production. Therefore for cutting, you should choose Anavar.

Which one is better?

Primobolan and Anavar are excellent steroids, and both have significant benefits to the body. The one you choose to use ultimately depends on your body goals. Primobolan can be used for bulking and cutting, while Anavar works better by reducing excess body fat and aids in muscles gain. In addition, Anavar aids in reducing retention, thus giving you a much cleaner look when used in the proper dosages and correctly when you are focusing on weight loss cycles.

Primobolan is perfect for bulking, and thus your upper arms are likely to gain much lean muscle mass, and it is the mild one between the two. Therefore, Primobolan and Anavar are good, but it depends on what you want to achieve.

The bottom line

Getting the right body-building supplements can be tricky if you do not know your exact body goals. Primobolan vs Anavar article has helped you understand their functions and how you can choose the best out of them all.