Review Of CrazyNutrition Ultimate CRN-5 Product

Crazy Nutrition Ultimate CRN 5is a well-known company for manufacturing and providing supplements for athletes and other people who love training, gaining muscles, and staying healthy. The CrazyNutrition Ultimate CRN 5 is made with five different types of creatine and electrolytes functioning as per-exercises supplements to enhance muscle recovery time, improve muscle strength, and increase energy storage despite the workout one is performing.

This article is about the Ultimate CRN 5 review and everything you need to know about the product, from the ingredients to performance.

What is Ultimate CRN 5?

This is a diet creatine supplement manufactured by Crazy Nutrition. It is available in one flavor of orange mango; however, it has five unique health types of ingredients such as creatine monohydrate, creatine ethyl ester, tri-creatine malate, creatine pyruvate, and creatine hydrochloride.
No one is left out here; even vegans and vegetarians can easily enjoy the supplement before exercising daily for better results.

How does the CrazyNutrition Ultimate CRN 5 product work?

As mentioned earlier, it is a pre-workout dietary supplement that one takes at least thirty minutes before they engage in intensive exercising. Here are steps one should follow when taking the CRN 5 product:

  • Take a single scoop of CRN 5 powder and mix it with sixteen ounces of water. Mix a glass or shake in a blender bottle with an internal metal shaker.
  • Drink your supplement thirty minutes before working out
  • Feel strength enhancement while you work out.

Any exercise you will take part in will be enhanced by the CRN 5; whether it is a gym, running, bodybuilding resistance training, or CrossFit, you will feel the product’s effectiveness. Here is how it helps the body:

Increases body strength

Each ingredient in the CRN 5 has its role. For energy-boosting and enhancement, the creatine ethyl ester and creatine monohydrate ensure that you have enough energy to lift heavy weights and endure long on your exercising routine. It ensures that your muscles are well preserved and that your body can quickly repair the muscle tissues while and after working out.

Hydrates the body

The electrolyte molecules are responsible for rehydrating the body to facilitate faster recovery from the workouts. If you engage in low or high-intensity workouts, you will not have to feel tired afterward if you take the CRN 5 supplements due to the electrolytes included in the CRN 5 powdered formula.

Improves muscles recovery

Taking CRN 5 improves your recovery time after a workout; when working out, the creatine levels in the brain reduces, making it essential to always refuel by taking CRN 5 supplements. The lost creatine is restored quickly, making it easy to recover from the workout activities.

Increases ATP energy

Creatine pyruvate enhances ATP Production and energy while working out. If you are wondering what ATP is, this is the chemical energy in the cells from drinks and food substances. The ATP energy from CRN 5 helps one work out successfully with energy depletion, and excess ATP produced is stored to be used in the following exercises.

What are the CRN 5 ingredients?

The ingredients used in CRN 5 include the following:

Tri-Sodium Citrate

They are commonly referred to as Sodium Citrate, the primary ingredient for rehydrating the body while working out. With the many other molecules in the product, this is a mild alkaline ingredient meant to maintain hydration in the body.


CRN 5 contains two significant Aquamin types: the Aquamin Mg and Aquamin Ag, where each performs a different function.

Aquamin Mg works by enhancing the bioavailability of creatine supplement through marine magnesium with other 72 different minerals for strengthening the levels of magnesium being absorbed by the body after exercising. Each serving of 10.2 grams contains 562.50 milligrams of Aquamin Mg; this is a single scoop of the formula.

While Aquamin Ag provides calcium minerals, every 10.2 grams serving contains 400 milligrams of Aquamin Ag.


Creatine monohydrate works by enhancing muscles strength and performance when doing high-intensity exercises. Creatine ethyl ester works the same as the monohydrate; however, it only ensures that the body can retain less water to give you the full results and benefits of the powdered supplement.

Creatine hydrochloride enables the body to absorb the CRN 5 to bring out faster and better results.
Creatine pyruvate works by mixing creatine and pyruvate acid, thus increasing ATP production when taking CRN 5.

Tri-creatine malate contains three creatine molecules and malic acid, which increases creatine solubility, which cannot be naturally dissolved.

The benefits of CrazyNutrition Ultimate CRN 5

Every person taking this supplement expects positive results, and that is precisely what comes out. Taking CRN-5 comes with the following benefits:

  • Enhanced work outperformance
  • Intensifies working out strength
  • Rebuilds and repairs muscles while working out
  • Increases the energy in the body to get better performance
  • Absorbs quickly to the body for better results

CRN-5 side effects

The many people who have tried the CRN-5 product and reviewed it have reported almost zero side effects. As it is all-natural and can be used by all types of people, it has no adverse side effects. You are advised to use the supplement following the directions on the package for better experience and workout results.

Consumer models and fitness professionals have given Ultimate CRN-5 review saying that it is the best and most affordable supplement anyone would use without experiencing any adverse effects. It provides strength and the healing needed for muscles while working out and even after the exercises.

Pricing and refund policy

CRN-5 one-time purchases go for $29.99, and if your purchases do not sum up to 450, you will be required to pay a small shipping fee. However, there are save plans you can subscribe to and get to save the money you spend on making regular purchases for the product.

Crazy Nutrition has a 30-Days refund policy where you are guaranteed a total amount return of your money. Therefore, if you get the pack and do not see any results, you can return the product and get your money back. You should contact the company within the 30 days of purchase through their contact information or details to get directions on how you should go about the return and refund policy.

The bottom line

You are expected to receive the highest and best results from the Ultimate CRN 5 product in two months. Reading through this Ultimate CRN-5 review, you have the knowledge and understanding of considering the product and every detail that will ensure you attain the desired results.

Ultimate CRN-5