How Does Winstrol Make You Feel?

Searching online, you will find that concern is expressed throughout the anabolic steroid using community, from individuals and their loved ones.

The following are a collection of user experiences posted in social forums and news sites:

“I have been taking Winstrol for years and don’t even know how it feels like not to take it every day. My last blood work said I had very high liver enzymes” – Kyamalieboi ” I haven’t been on Winny long, perhaps a month. But in this short time, I can honestly say Winstrol makes me feel terrible when I’m on it. Like coming off weed or cocaine” – [USER], Bodybuilding Forum “Winstrol made me very irritable, angry, and aggressive. Some days I didn’t wanna go to the gym because of it” – [USER], Bodybuilding Forum. “I had taken Winstrol (Stanozolol) about five months ago… every day…100mg/ml… for six weeks. The side effects were terrible… I lost my appetite completely and couldn’t sleep at all. No positive benefits whatsoever.” – [USER], Steroidology Forum
Winstrol is one of the harshest oral steroids available today, but what does this mean? What are the side effects that occur with legitimate intake of the drug? And how do these compare to other anabolic steroids?

First, let us examine some common effects that are reported by users of the steroid on various online communities:

Itching: Many users will experience itchy skin. This is usually worse in areas with less hair, particularly the arms and shoulders. It generally occurs about 3-5 days after beginning use but dissipates rapidly upon the cessation of drug use. A common alternative to reduce or eliminate itching during a cycle is an antihistamine like Claritin or Zyrtec, which can be purchased over the counter without a prescription. However, users experiencing significant itching would do well to consult their doctor regarding prescription-strength treatment options before using alternative medications for this side effect. See also “Winstrol paranoia” below.

Loss of appetite – Some users lose their appetite when taking Winstrol. This can be beneficial for those looking to lose weight but often leads to lower caloric intake and subsequent fatigue. Many users have found that using an effective appetite stimulant helps counter this side effect while on the cycle. However, some claim that they are left feeling lethargic by suppressing their appetite without any of the benefits associated with calorie deprivation. It is important to note that suppressing appetite during a cutting cycle may lead to significant muscle loss due to less food being consumed daily. Therefore, some find it beneficial to supplement with 5HTP throughout their cycles when their appetites are suppressed or diminished to maintain healthy hormone levels, which aid in recovery, libido, mood, motivation, etc.

Headaches: Some users report headaches when taking Winstrol. This is most likely an effect of the lower dose most bodybuilders take compared to athletes or others attempting to treat an ailment with the drug. However, this side effect may also be partly due to dehydration caused by the clenbuterol-like effects of the steroid if one’s diet is not rich in fruits and vegetables, which provide natural electrolytes that aid in muscle function.

Insomnia: Many users experience insomnia while using Winstrol, which can severely affect their ability to perform daily activities requiring motivation, concentration, coordination, etc. As with other testosterone-based steroids, it can negatively affect endogenous production, so supplementing with melatonin throughout your cycle may help counteract insomnia as a side effect.

Liver problems: This is probably the most serious of all potential Winstrol side effects and should be carefully considered before use. In the standard medical treatment for primary biliary cirrhosis/cirrhotic, cholestatic jaundice, oral Stanozol was used at 30 mg per day. This dosage is ten times higher than that typically used by athletes or bodybuilders, yet liver function tests showed abnormalities with prolonged use (although not immediately). Individuals who experience skin yellowing while using this steroid are urged to discontinue its use immediately and consult a physician if pain or discomfort is felt in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen, dark urine is present, or clay-colored stools are passed.


Winstrol paranoia

This unpleasant effect manifests itself in some users but not all and can be extremely disturbing to the user and those who experience this phenomenon around them. It is believed that the compound lowers serotonin levels which may cause mood swings and other emotional changes, including anger and irritability, especially during periods of rest or sleep. Both men and women have reported this effect, yet it affects women more often than men. The only obvious way to combat these effects is through proper nutrition, including 5HTP supplements in your diet and regular consumption of Bananas during a cycle (Eat 1 Banana every day). In addition, some have suggested adding N2Guard to your daily regimen may help stem off Winstrol Paranoia during a cycle.

Water retention: One of the most common Winstrol side effects is water retention, leading to high blood pressure, especially when taken with other steroids such as testosterone. The water retention caused by this steroid is often mistaken for increased bulk, leading novice users to discontinue use, thinking that they are not receiving any beneficial results from the compound. While water retention can be bothersome, it should not be confused with fat gain and should subside after 6-8 weeks of continuous use if dosage levels are properly maintained. To avoid or reduce bloating while using this steroid, try supplementing with Taurine regularly throughout your cycle (1g/day).

Winstrol blood pressure

Women – The use of Winstrol is often discouraged due to potential virilization symptoms, including deepening of the voice, body hair growth, and clitoral enlargement. Women who experience such symptoms while using this steroid are urged to discontinue its use immediately and seek medical attention if symptoms persist. In addition, more severe side effects may include menstrual cycle disruptions and infertility, so it is important that users begin with a low dose and closely monitor their reaction before increasing the dosage.

Stanozolol has been used by athletes for decades, especially by sprinters. This drug was first described in the 1950s by Russian scientists and was produced under the name “stanazol” by Jenapharm in East Germany and was described as an effective agent to treat angioedema and other diseases at doses between 5-15mg per day, although bodybuilders typically use 100-200 mg of the drug per day. Stanozolol is currently under clinical development to treat HIV wasting but has been discontinued several times due to concerns regarding abuse by athletes.

Stanozolol is a popular choice among powerlifters, sprinters, shotput throwers, and other strength/power athletes who seek increased muscle mass and strength without unwanted water retention or severe adverse effects from estrogen conversion. The injectable version of this steroid is one of the most commonly prescribed oral steroids in medical communities today. It was initially designed to be administered once every five days, and it is still used for this purpose by many athletes.

Winstrol will shut down your body’s natural testosterone production.

Although Winstrol itself does not produce any noticeable estrogenic side effects, certain anti-estrogens can make these effects more pronounced. For example, suppose large amounts of aromatizing steroids such as Testosterone (Primobolan) or Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone) are used with Winstrol. In that case, an anti-estrogen may be necessary to avoid gynecomastia water retention and aromatization-related side effects. Some have suggested the use of Tamoxifen in moderate doses, which blocks the action of estrogen at the receptor site upon injection, but this will also hinder the desired action of the steroid and is not recommended. Trenbolone (Finaject, Finajet) has little or no aromatizing effect and would be preferred over Testosterone and Nandrolone and may also prove to work well in combination with Winstrol for increased fat loss due to its strong binding affinity with the AR-receptor site, which increases metabolic activity.

Winstrol makes you feel happy because it promotes euphoria, similar to Dopamine. This is mediated via the dopamine system, where this steroid binds to specific receptors, similar to cocaine. In addition, several studies have shown how Winstrol affects the nervous system by demonstrating increased excitatory signals within some regions of the brain. This can benefit athletes by allowing for a stronger neural drive that promotes more significant lifts and faster recovery from strenuous exercise.
This also promotes a strong protective effect on the nervous system, which is especially useful for athletes as it helps to reduce neural trauma, injury, and general stress on the body.
In addition to the direct effects of Winstrol upon the dopamine system, this steroid will also promote increased adrenaline levels. This is due to an increase in metabolic activity caused by Winstrol and results in an increased rate of lipolysis, which leads to a reduction in fat stores. In addition, the increase in metabolic activity from Winstrol will also have effects on several other hormones, including insulin. This enables it to positively impact blood sugar levels and reduce body fat by lowering insulin resistance.

In addition to the above, Winstrol can bind with the glucocorticoid receptor. This can result in further improvements in body composition as it enhances the inflammatory response and reduces muscle catabolism.

This effect of Winstrol improving insulin sensitivity can be very beneficial for athletes looking to gain mass. They will achieve more excellent glycogen synthase activity, which stimulates glucose uptake by muscle cells. When coupled with an appropriate diet, it is easier for athletes to increase their level of muscularity while simultaneously losing body fat. These combined effects make Winstrol a favorite among bodybuilders during contest preparation or maximizing definition. In addition, the results above of Winstrol on lipid metabolism mean that it is also an excellent chance to reduce high blood pressure. This is due to the vasodilating effects of this steroid on the vascular system, which results in less resistance being placed against the flow of blood through arteries and veins, thus reducing strain on the heart.

Winstrol makes you feel happy because it also enhances your mood state. This generally means users report feeling more social, confident, and assertive with all that extra HGH floating around their bodies, courtesy of Winstrol use. Mood enhancement is attributed to heightened dopamine receptor sensitivity, much like what we see with estrogen and testosterone. Still, unlike estrogen and testosterone, there’s no evidence that an elevated mood will promote increased muscle mass or fat loss. Instead, it simply makes you feel stronger and more able to take on the world.

There is also some minimal evidence that Winstrol can be used as a mild antidepressant, and for this reason, it has been compared to Anavar. However, it’s important to note that this comparison is only valid due to their similar effects on lipid metabolism. Therefore, we cannot assume they have antidepressant properties by similar interactions with the neurotransmitter system.

Winstrol makes you feel energized, another common side effect that people report when using this steroid. In some cases, athletes will claim that they feel stronger on this compound than any other steroids they’ve ever used before. This seems likely as those who run large doses of testosterone often run into trouble with feeling lethargic due to testosterone’s anti-catabolic concrete actions. Those who use Winstrol in such a case can be assured that they won’t suffer the same problem.

The final way Winstrol makes you feel has to do with its ability to increase red blood cell production. Again, this effect is very mild but can help give you more endurance and greater tolerance for strenuous activity when coupled with an appropriate diet. It also helps improve bone density, mineralization, hydration enhances protein synthesis and glycogenolysis while increasing muscular excitability. These are all essential muscle-building components, so if any of these sound good to you, perhaps this steroid may be worthwhile for further research.