How Safe Is Winstrol?

You’ve probably seen it called Stanozolol; the original compound derived from. And if you’re familiar with pharma-grade anabolic steroids, you know precisely how popular Winstrol is among performance-enhancing athletes.

Mainly because it’s one of the milder options available in the family of DHT derivatives, which are all oral anabolic steroids; they aren’t methylated, so they don’t carry liver toxicity concerns that most other orally-administered steroids do. Winstrol is known for being very mild on your lipid profile, even though it still isn’t safe in this regard by any means.


It’s not uncommon to see Winstrol sold under brand names like Anavar or Oxandrin, both trade names for generic Stanozolol. This is not the only compound created from dihydrotestosterone (DHT), but it’s one of the more popular derivatives used for performance enhancement. It’s also not a 17aa steroid, which means it still has some hepatotoxicity associated with its use but maybe slightly less than if it were methylated.

In short, Winstrol is used more often as a cutting or leaning out an agent that doesn’t have as much of an impact on strength and mass gains as other DHT derivatives might have – but don’t mistake it for being a weak oral steroid because even though its effective dose range isn’t going to produce substantial weight gains, the potential side effects are significant enough you should plan before adding this drug to your stack.

Side effects from Winstrol can be quite harsh and will require some additional help coming off the drug and in the form of supplements that will aid in liver and kidney function like milk thistle and/or alpha-lipoic acid. Its recommended to keep your dose on the lower side so it doesn’t have to clear from your system as quickly if you’re stacking it with other items, but its half-life is relatively short, which means it will be difficult for this drug to accumulate.

The usual side effects from Winstrol can include:

· Hair loss or male pattern baldness – even women may experience hair loss! If this happens, consider using a product like Nizoral shampoo to help combat this issue by reducing DHT levels.

· An increase in acne problems – if this occurs, make sure you’re washing your skin at least twice daily to remove surface oils that might be causing the issue. Also, use a topical treatment like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to help dry up any lesions before they become infected.

· Acne – if you’re prone to acne, it will probably worsen while using Winstrol. You’ll want to seek an oral antibiotic like doxycycline when stacking this drug with other items like Dianabol. Otherwise, make sure you increase your skin cleaning regimen and consider supplementing orally with zinc, magnesium, and copper (in addition to vitamins A, C & E) since these are minerals that can help control the intensity of outbreaks.

· Increased aggression – this side effect is widespread with testosterone or steroid use, but the Winstrol can also induce it. If you’re experiencing high levels of aggression, consider lowering your dosage per week during PCT to help reduce its intensity without reducing your recovery rate. You may also want to lower Winstrol doses during periods of intense stress in life to minimize the probability of increased anger control problems.

· Estrogen-related issues – since this is a DHT derivative, there will be some estrogen conversion caused by the drug. However, AndroGel and/or Arimidex are two anti-estrogens that will work well either alone or stacked together that have been used successfully for this purpose.

There are other more rare side effects of Winstrol that can include:

· Insomnia

· Shrinking testes

These are two infrequent side effects, but it’s best to discontinue use or at least lower doses if they occur.

For the most part, when people think about Winstrol, they don’t consider its adverse reactions. They might know it carries some estrogenic activity and will lead to water retention – but by in large, it’s just not well known for causing problems which is why so many athletes add it into their cutting stacks when trying to achieve a lean, hard look without much in the way of added bulk. It has an excellent safety profile and can be used orally and injectable, depending on the athlete’s needs.

To keep in mind, many athletes confuse Stanozolol with Stenox, which is an acronym for Stanozolol without the 17-alpha-methyl group. While this was initially designed as a veterinary steroid, its effects are almost identical to what you would get from Deca or Dianabol. It can be used for mass and strength gains like other DHT derivatives (although not nearly as potent) but also carries a high potential for side effects at higher doses. Stenox does clear faster than Winstrol, allowing quick recovery times, but it may require more frequent injections to maintain blood levels. Some athletes prefer it since it’s easier to maintain peak blood levels, but it’s a relatively rare steroid to find athletes using these days.

Winstrol is one of the safest steroids today and should not pose any significant problems if used responsibly. It can have some estrogenic effects, so liver protection should be implemented while supplementing to reduce estro from being converted into active forms that could lead to water retention and fat gain – which would defeat the purpose of using this drug in most instances. Following a responsible dosage, the plan can help you protect your health while still achieving excellent results!